Black Ops Zombies: the best Horde Mode on the market

Gamer Limit writes: "Since the dawn of video games, gamers have been fascinated with the concept of a seemingly "infinite" experience - a game that had no end. Some accepted the concept that classics like Robotron could not be beaten. However, some brave souls defied the odds, spent small fortunes in quarters, and discovered something called a "killscreen".

Once gaming became more and more mainstream, and eventually, into people's homes, the concept of creating an unbeatable game to eat up giant stacks of quarters was over, and titles like Smash TV started the trend of horde shooters that had an actual ending. As time passed however, the focus again shifted to mystifying "unending" horde modes."

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Shackdaddy8362791d ago

Meh. Its not that fun to me imo. Not a big fan of zombies anymore.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of disagrees though because everyone else loves it.

Lunatic_Brandon2791d ago

Red Dead Redemption disagrees with that statement.

StartWars2791d ago

If in doubt, add zombies!