GameFocus Review: James Bond 007: Bloodstone

GF: With the recent news that Bizarre Creations is on the verge of being shut down, I’m sincerely saddened that this might be the last release of theirs I’ll review. I have so many great memories of both Blur and Geometry Wars, it’s just depressing to see them go out on this bum note. So, much like how I remember Grin for the excellent Bionic Commando: Rearmed instead of Terminator: Salvation, let’s all tip a glass to the Bizarre Creations that brought us two incredible Geometry Wars games, Blur and a host of PGR titles. If they do indeed get the axe, they will be missed. [Ed. Note: The fate of Bizarre Creations is currently unknown. Activision is still reviewing different opportunities for the developer.]

Oh, and don’t buy Bloodstone. Seriously, that game ain’t good.

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