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Shadow_Fox2518d ago

Lightsaber type gun, Segway's, and Riot Shields. Oh yea, I'm sold.

WetN00dle692518d ago

Fck yeah!
I am there as well!
Day one for me.

Masamori Sumimura2518d ago

So Am I! CaseZero was a really good Prequel to the 2nd game I wish it would have lasted even longer though!

WetN00dle692518d ago

I agree completely.
Although it does seem like this one might be longer!
The people playing were lvl 43. Either that or there is no lvl cap in this one.

Monk2518d ago

Wow!, Awesome Gameplay, Im Soo Getting.

mushroomwig2518d ago

I'm so annoyed that this is yet another episode which is exclusive to the 360.

SonyNGP2518d ago

I'm much more annoyed by the fact that it's one of those stupid IP locked DLC.

mushroomwig2518d ago

The disagrees amuse me, so I'm not annoyed?

Masamori Sumimura2518d ago

I disagreed with you for crying about the disagrees


pwneddemocrat2518d ago

i agreed with you cuz couldn't help it, your dp is cute

Lirky2518d ago

Yep i agree mushroomwig its exclusive its unfair. But the developers dont really have a strong fan-base unless its an game-title from the 90s that get an reboot.

Killed4Less2518d ago

Franks back!


Frank > Chuck

Day one pick up.

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