Warhawk Maintenance Window Thursday Sept 6th. 5am to 7am PDT.

After recent announcements of Incognito staff member Dylan Jobe stating current known issues with Warhawk, their is now a time set to fix one of the major issues.

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Kleptic4117d ago

good news...I have had more luck since the V1.92 firmware update with logins (only couldn't get in 1 time for about 5 used to be for 30 minutes at least nearly every time I tried to get into the lobby)...but some are having much more trouble logging in after the update...

still no word on a stat fix...kind of sucks because I want to unlock some new character stuff...I am stuck with only 2 different heads or 4 shirts...tired of looking at my indiana jones outfit already...

snittolo4117d ago

I was perfect untill the 31st when my rank started having slight updating issues then by the next day it hasen't updated since. Now I'm starting to get alot of these network and freezing issues and I can't even get into Warhawk lol. Hopefully they release a patch and more server maintenance fixes these issues soon.

Skynetone4117d ago

is it wont be topped until warhawk 2

aint no game even close to the brilliance of this game

maybe if gta went the multiplayer route it could take its crown

THC CELL4117d ago

i will be in bed at that time

PS-Wii-604117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

But, that was BEFORE Warhawk and the never-ending play sessions that will have me pulling yet ANOTHER all-nighter.
I barely remember what "sleep" feels like.
Maybe with this forced downtime I can catch up on some much needed rest.
Thank god for updates!

On a sidenote: I think Incognito should rename it WarCrack =P

chasegamez4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

if you want a shot at the title psn chase167
im in the top 2 everytime
death match
(reply) may they know about it
but didn't want 2 push release date back
because its a minor thing

boodybandit4117d ago

They need to fix the stat problem now. Not when they get around to it. I don't understand how this could've slipped through the cracks while debugging and testing the game. This is an online only game that barely works online.

I spent 45 minutes last night trying to get into any ranked game. I couldn't even get into unranked games. I had to host an unranked match just to be able to play. The servers say there are 3 to 6 slots available and I can't connect?

Stats don't work.
Network errors.
Game freezing.

These are issues that we shouldn't have to deal with or wait to have fixed. Why did they work for the first couple days and then stop?

None of this makes sense.

Ugly American4117d ago

My rank, stats, medals, and everything else are not updating. And now my games are freezing. Color me frustrated and very angry.

chasegamez4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

warhawk rules
my game is not freezing
it's not updating my rank
but i dont care
i love this game
best game out so far

SRuN44117d ago

Maintenance for every Sony game is Thursday 5-7am.. nothing new, except for the fact Dylan said there would be a fix for one of the issues this time around.

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The story is too old to be commented.