Why Real Gamers are Choosing Playstation Move

With both Sony and Microsoft having released their motion gaming systems, PS Move seems to be taking the lead for the hardcore gamer...

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Game-ur2454d ago

Best game for me is Tumble, most wanted is Echocrome 2 and camera only Kung Fu Live.

I think Sony should make more of these direct App like games for the Move.

blackbeld2454d ago

For me is:

1 Time Crisis: Razing Storm
2 RE5 gold edition
3 Heavy Rain

Still waiting for KZ3 with Move. :)

D4RkNIKON2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

LBP2 with move will be amazing for create mode. More like a mouse and it will be better than the dual sticks for creating.

I just like that move works with real games and games of all genres too. It is harder to think of a game type that move can't do than one's kinect can.

doa7662454d ago



ryuzu2454d ago

Yeah I like Time Crisis although only in lightgun mode - not tried the "fps" mode and don't plan to :)

Looks like playstation is the only refuge for the "hardcore" now.

Let's hope Sony remembers that in the coming months and years - and with PS4!


blusoops2454d ago

Please don't forget this RTS game with move controls! Looks awesome!!

Parapraxis2454d ago

You all forgot Dead Space 2 ;)

Perjoss2454d ago

"why real gamers are choosing dual shock 3, xbox360 controller and mouse & keyboard"

I fixed it for them.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2454d ago

The Fight is the only move game i got right now and it's quite the beast. Can't wait for sorcery and KZ3.

jack_burt0n2454d ago

Under siege is looking great, love the art style def picking that and dead nation up in december.

ManGastaS2454d ago

Im a real gamer and o bought kinect

Wh15ky2454d ago

For me it's

1. RE5
2. The Fight
3. MAG
4. Sports Champions
5. Hustle Kings

Still haven't tried Tumble.

Really looking forward to Killzone 3 and intrigued by Little Big Planet 2 and Sorcery.

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seinfan2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Just throwing this out there: my cousin bought it 3 weeks ago and it hasn't been used since the first few days he got it. A lot of people on here are having a similar experience. Throwing money away on liabilities.

Typical response from someone in denial. I speak truth. He could have saved himself an extra $50 or $100 if he didn't get the Move bundle. I repeat, it hasn't been in use and people on here have stated they haven't used their Move controller either. And in case you aren't aware, I don't hate Sony. I hate motion controls.

Really, there are a lot of retards on this site. The mass of stupidity screaming "TROLE! JEW HATES TEH SONYZ CUZ JEW DOHNTS LIKES TEH MOOVES!"

BrianG2454d ago

You are clearly either trolling or doing some other method of Sony Bashing that I am not familiar with.

The answer to you question, just in case you are serious, is I am enjoying my Move.

Nineball21122454d ago

Yeah, well, my brother's, friend's, neighbor who knows a dude that lives across the way bought it 3 weeks ago too and according to my brother who has a friend who's neighbor that knows this dude that lives across the way says that it gets played almost everyday.

*shrug* But I don't know this dude, so I couldn't verify this story.

perfectCarbonara2454d ago

The worst thing is he has to blame it on his cousin so that he can keep stealth trolling Move articles in the future.

doa7662454d ago

so your opinion on the state of the market for Move is based solely on your cousing's experience with it

I guess if I were you cousing and you would've seen me using it a lot since it was released then your opinion would be completely different, right?

seinfan2454d ago

So I guess you didn't pass the third grade because you are oblivious to the part of my post, which I stated TWICE, that other people on this site aren't using their Move controllers either. Care to edit your shitty post?

Motion2454d ago

My brother has an uncle.

kneelb4zod2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@ seinfan I agree and disagree, Early adopters of any new tech don't benefit quickly as people who get it late, You seem knowledgeable about games ,You could have research a bit on current am up coming games to say if you are fallowing ps move " the tech is solid but there's gonna be a waiting period for the better stuff" that if he's a casual.

N4g_null2454d ago

First of all no one knew you where Jewish? Are u? Well it doesn't matter. The point is who replays most of the games for move anyway? I though you guys did not like shovel ware?

By the way my facts are backed up by torrent users who downloaded all of those games and the move bundle. There deal with that!


I think real gamers isn't a possible category. They are all real.

If these are the only real gamers then real gaming is in a huge decline you guys better got get those 4 move controllers so Sony can keep up. Apprently your all Sony has left.

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Mr_Bun2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Tumble is pretty good, but the only game that keeps me going back is The Fight. I only wish I had the endurance to play it for more than half an hour at a time

SaiyanFury2454d ago

Yep, what motivated me into getting Move was originally Heavy Rain. Once I was really into that my wife got me Time Crisis: Razing Storm with the light gun-style attachment for the Move controller, and it works great! I have no interest in the Kinect, although I have no doubt it works fine.

muDD2454d ago

u fanbois crack me up. As soon as you feel threaten, out comes the flame bait... hahahaha..

kanedaakira2454d ago

wow - under seige - I'm sold!

Unknow_Master2453d ago

yeah explain me why its in 3rd place since real gamer buy it!
are you teling me gamer dont buy?

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Neckbear2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

"Real Gamers" don't buy useless motion controllers, when they already have a normal pad on their hands.

Just saying.

ThatIrishGamer2454d ago

"Real gamers" use whatever they want.

Motion Controllers.

As long as people are gaming. . .gaming wins :)

Anon19742454d ago

Yeah, I think the term "real gamers" is BS. A gamer is a gamer. I don't care if you game using Move, Kinect, your phone, your 360, PS2, Intellivision or if you're playing Robot Unicorn Attack on Facebook. You're a gamer. I can't stand articles like this.

ThatIrishGamer2454d ago

Well maybe not Facebook games. I think they're a step too far lol. :p

Neckbear2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Can't really disagree with that logic.

HOWEVER! as darkride66 said, the term of "real gamers", "gamers" and "hardcore gamers" is nothing but...stupid.

"Hurr ima gamer am i specil now lol?", it's really idiotic. (Albeit I'm actually contradicting myself and my first post, ah, whatever.)

Well, at least the way these people use it.

Gaming is a fairly...uh..." hardcore " hobby for me. And honestly, I personally think Motion Controllers are something that shouldn't be in my beloved hobby. They're gimmicks.

ThatsGaming2454d ago

I agree. These motion controllers are for a different style of entertainment and interaction. I wouldn't even call it gaming.

I call it Social Entertainment not Gaming.

You will see none of these controllers at professional gaming competitions anytime soon.

Perjoss2454d ago

this ^