Nintendo yanks Monado from their public game list

Still holding out hope that Nintendo was going to release Xenoblade here in the states? Well, now you might have reason to worry. Nintendo has had their generic 'Monado' listing on their public game list for awhile, but just recently that name was pulled. That could mean one of two things...

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jc485732604d ago

f-cking hate nintendo at times, but I also blame it on the consumers who play nothing but Mario and Halo.

darkcharizard2604d ago

Don't forget Call of Duty!

Neckbear2604d ago

Indeed, although honestly, this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

I mean, look at Mother 3.

jc485732604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

People need to expand on their tastes for video games and not to self contain within one genre. Sooner or later, these games are going to be controlling our minds and create a world in which it dictate us. We must rebel against Activision's evil schemes. j/k...but it won't be a joke if it was true. Just imagine that in reality, Activision is actually supervised by the military to create games that will control our minds.

Kamikaze1352604d ago

I see, but cmon....Microsoft and Sony release off the wall RPG games ALL of the time and they're not the ones selling the most consoles. Nintendo is being greedy and not supporting their smaller fanbase. Nintendo only cares about casual gamers and from time to time release games of their older franchises to BS hardcore gamers and show them that they "care" for their support.

NeoBasch2604d ago

Um... if they don't release this, I'm seriously considering boycotting Nintendo for good. And people say they support new IPs, I find that hard to believe... at least here in the west. :(

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Dravidian2604d ago

This is potentially upsetting. [sigh] Is it really that hard for people to invest in good games? I understand that many prefer "casual" games, but for christ sake, dont kill the industry. Buy outside your box.

christheredhead2604d ago

i really hope they localize this game. id be let down tremendously if they didnt.

Godmars2902604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Put this out in the West, I buy a Wii. And I know how badly you want that.

Also, put out an artbook!

BillOreilly2604d ago

They would be sooooooo stupid not to release this. The game is done all they do is dub it or at least add subtitles idc as long as i get it. I got a wii for this and the last story(and dk). The wii is lacking these type games and this and the last story could sell wiis.

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The story is too old to be commented.