Platform Nation: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review(PS3)

Platform Nation's Steven Artlip reviews Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the PlayStation 3 and had this to say about the game: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has so many great things going for it. From the social side of things, the Autolog is extremely impressive. Think of it as a NFS only Twitter account. Your pictures go there, your times go there, when you best your friends, that goes there. It’s just a fun way to interact with your friends while doing most of the single player portion of the game.

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Zezo2514d ago

Great game, I'm sure I'm alone in this but I'm actually enjoining NFS more than GT5. Don't get me wrong GT5 looks absolutely amazing, the problem lies in the fact that I'm just suck at racing games that simulate true physics like GT5 does, NFS is always more forgiving...

OtherWhiteMeat2514d ago

Shhhhhhhh......I bought this over GT5.Just seemed like a lot of fun.No disrespect to GT5 but I also suck at racing games. After the holidays I'll probably purchase Gran Turismo.

Horny2514d ago

Not to forget it was 35 dollars at bestbuy for the last 3 days. Great deal.

OtherWhiteMeat2514d ago

Got mine for $29.99 at Amazon.Loads of great deals over the weekend.

GLoRyKnoT2514d ago

I had 2 get it for only 35$ - Oh yeah! - Glad i did :)

Quagmire2514d ago

Hate how we have to defend our purchases from rabid fanboys. So what of we choose Hot Pursuit over GT5? Does that hinder your GT5 gaming experience in any way other than to piss you off that not everyone conforms to your very own opinions?

Fucking fanboys!

DirtyLary2514d ago

Not picking this up till they put logitech GT wheel support in. How can they release it without the ps3 official wheels supported. Horrible decision.

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GlowingPotato2514d ago

Humm.... an 8... like Gt5... what its mean ?

gtsentry2514d ago

uhhh that they both got an 8

GlowingPotato2514d ago

so they r the same in quality/ overview ?

gtsentry2514d ago

there different types of racing games,it all comes down to what type of racing game you wana play

chasegarcia2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I Bought NFS & A-CREED(360 versions lol) at Toys-R-Us(came with $40 giftcard) traded them in at Walmart for GT5 & Black Ops(ps3 versions).Then went back next day to Toys-R-Us and bought Playstation Move. no1cares

gorebago2514d ago

I've got both and I can't force myself to play nfs