2011: Year Of The PlayStation 3? Just Like Every Other Year Then

"The year for the PlayStation. It’s a phrase that we’ve been hearing since the launch of the PS3 and it carries the assumption that every year prior to its use somehow the PlayStation brand has been lagging behind its competitors..."

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GeoramA2786d ago

Another PS3 troll article from nowgamer.

Not getting any hits from me.

SuperKing2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Thank god for Adblock eh? Shitty websites looking for hits ain't getting nothing from me. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

booni32786d ago

I read the title and i just couldn't get over how flamebait the very title was. I have never heard of this site or been and after seeing the title, i will never go.

TimmyShire2786d ago

They're not actually trolling. You would know that if you read the article, as other commenters here have proven.

In fact, the title is a response to everyone using the term 'the year of the PS3' and how it annoys the person who wrote it.

Mmmkay2785d ago

the person who wrote it annoys me.,

AnointedD2786d ago

more delays? How many people believe that ALL the ps3 exclusives for 2011 will release IN 2011?

GoodGuy2786d ago

KillZone 3,
Socom 4,
LBP 2,
Twisted Metal
WILL come in 2011. Mark my words.

ksense2786d ago

i am actually hoping for some delays into 2012 because sony is going to make me go bankrupt with all the exclusives they have planned for 2011.

I would add resistance 3 to that list as confirmed for 2011 too because they actually took an extra year in development to make it better so i doubt there will be a delay.

The only game that I think will be delayed is sadly Last Guardian because it just seems like they were vague about their release date saying holiday 2011 and we haven't seen much gameplay.

rrw2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

No need to worry, they have many hidden game in they hand since they have biggest First party studio out there.

the reason why most of them released near Q1 2011 is to build up momentum that been started by GT5. so that Ps3 sakes will greatly increased

let me predict what will in 2012

ape escape
FF versus
Yakuza of the end
Hevenly sword 2
several Move game
several new game form some studio (insomniac. Santa Monica )

Possibly delay:

Last guardian
uncharted 3

you know sony will focus 2011 With PSP2. it pretty difficult to have big game along with it. i assuming 2011 q3-4 ps3 is SOCOM 4, Resistance 3, Infamous 2 and several new IP

Redempteur2786d ago

ar tonelico 3 , yakuza 4 , neptunia will be released in 2011 .

that's what i care about ..

hetz152786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yakuza 4,Resistance 3, and inFamous 2 for me. The rest will have to wait.I still need to get GoW3 also.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2786d ago

PS3 really has won every year though imo. But i guess it depends on how you decide the victor.

Fishy Fingers2786d ago

Sales... in America. That's the internet way isnt it?

And ignore Nintendo. That's the big one.

theonlylolking2786d ago

PS3 has already had the year of PS3 since 2009. There is no more year of PS3 if it has already happened in the past. The PS3 will be the best until the end of this gen. The 360 ruled before 2009 and after the PS3 will rule.

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