11 reasons to avoid Fable 3

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"I review Fable 3, the steaming pile of tortoise manure that it turned out to be. No drama or suspense here. This time I’ll start with the bottom line…

I don’t think you should buy Fable 3, I don’t think you should rent it, and while we’re at it, I don’t want you even looking at it when you are on the game aisle at Target. Here are roughly eleven reasons why."

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Supman2758d ago

Lol the person who made this article
made 11 reasons for us to stay away from fable 3.....
why didn't he just make 10!? hes obvisouly
a fan boy, don't give him hits.

Pillowfort2758d ago

This is the best comment I've ever read.

If you're genuine it's funny; if it's a joke then you've distilled the art form.

Making a claim without any evidence, deciding arbitrary rules for what constitutes that claim and then suggesting people stay away!


Perjoss2758d ago

isn't this article a bit late?

Convas2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

LOL, he too was caught by Lionhead's sneaky, but effective Playtime booster.

Dude, it's not that they didn't finish the game, it's that they want you to playthrough it again. And they accomplished this by not telling you when the hell Albion was about to get f*cked.

There were and are plenty of guides out there telling you that once you get to 150 days left or so ... STOP DOING ROYAL JUDGMENTS as it skips right down to the end of the invasion.

I personally would've liked it where they sent you down to 1 day left, that way, EVERYBODY would know, "Whoops, I don't have the gold, I'm not doing anymore judgments till I have it."

A bad game design choice, and technically, one that can be avoided, but still, utterly inexcusable from Lionhead. And DEFINITELY not a reason to tell people to avoid the game. You just gave them a way to avoid your mistakes. :P

Breakfast2758d ago

Im actually kinda glad i read that article +your post. Id rather have the story spoiled a little bit, than ruining the game for myself.

darthdevidem012758d ago

Is it really that bad?

Maybe its a "ok" game

But I refuse to believe its outright "bad"

Killed4Less2758d ago

No, it's not that bad, Sarcastic Gamer are hack journalists who would sell naked pictures of their mother on their website if it would bring them hits. Everything they do is sarcasm so it's best just to laugh and never take them seriously.

Pillowfort2757d ago

I resent this comment.

...I'd sell the pictures for beer money instead.

Rage_S902758d ago

first fable was the best imo havent tried 3 yet

Mcardle2758d ago

Agreed, Fable 3 was a massive step forward. And several massive steps back in some situations. still a good game but not as good as 2 and not as good as 1. Needed another year of development.

Myst2758d ago

I agree with you Mcardle I sold my copy though for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. In some ways I kind of miss it, but in some aspects I don't. It certainly was a fun game playing through and perhaps down the line I'll pick it up again later. Certainly worth a look into at least.

Mcardle2758d ago

Especially with this dlc fiasco unless fable 4 is reviewed extremely highly I think i'll wait for the GOTY edition and not get scammed out of content like the dyes that should be in the game.

emk20042758d ago

the first fable had the best fighting and story of all of them wish the hack and slashin would come back

NotChrisHansen2758d ago

i think you shouldn't avoid ANY game at all. How about you just play a game and have fun?

danielle0072758d ago

None whatsoever?

There are a lot of terrible games out there, my friend. I think avoiding them would be beneficial.

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