Battlefield 3 has 'destructible environments' - reveal inbound?

The first Battlefield 3 details could imminently be falling upon our ears - that's if a GDC 2011 schedule is anything to go by, at least.

The 2011 timetable contains a lecture from Kenny Magnusson, a senior lighting and VFX artist at EA DICE.

Here's the blurb for the talk:

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SixZeroFour2759d ago

cant wait to see/read/hear more from this game...i would prolly take this game over blops or whatever cod game is out at the time

Peppino72759d ago

If its anything like bc2 I'm definitely getting day one! Is it pretty much bc2 but tremendous in scale? I never played the bf series. Bc2 is prettty big in my opinion. Why is bf so much better? Or is it? Thx

CombineElite2759d ago

For those unfortunate enough to have played the Classic that is Battlefield 2 PC I suggest you fire up your PC (if it has balls) and check out Battlefield 2 for yourself.

Me sitting here telling you how huge the maps are along side the importance of strategy and teamwork may just sound a lot like Bad Company 2. Although BF2 does have a unique RTS game play with the commander view that is unlike any other FPS ever.

Toss in the vehicles and that got dam bunny hopping (which I pray DICE will remove) and you got yourself a war that can only be described as the best online FPS with vehicles ever.

Battlefield 2 is just like Bad Company 2 but bigger and better and if you played on PC then you would understand the differences. So dang gum it it's just different so believe me when I tell ya that.

Substance1012759d ago

Lets hope they keep the PC version at 49usd this time. Judging by poor sales made on MOH they must have learned a lesson. Leave the 59usd to the consoles.

theonlylolking2759d ago

Cant wait but if the PS3 version is the same as the 360 version and the PC has more players I will not be happy. The PS3 is very powerful KZ3 has huge maps with 32 players so this game should have huge maps with 64 players with great graphics.

Fishy Fingers2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

PC should have more of everything, at one point it was PC exclusive, then came the console versions and promises of a non "consolised" PC version.

The Bad Company games, while good, have no where near the scope of the previous Battlefield titles.

Regarding the consoles, DICE pretty much get them identical.

theonlylolking2759d ago

PC will pwn all the versions when battlefield 3 comes out.

Substance1012759d ago

Lets just hope the game doesnt get dumped down due to consoles.


PS3 version will probably be the same as the 360 version. Calling PS3 "Very powerful" is misleading yourself and the rest of the gamers on this site. PS3 would get slaughtered performance wise today when even compared to 80usd entry level GPUs.

funkycoldmedina2759d ago

_King, is it true KZ3 has 32 total players? I read an article on here previously describing the beta maxing at 24. I really don't like 12v12 at all in BC2, because more often than not majority just make camp and never play the objectives. Matches usually are one sided from my playing experience. In KZ2, of the 16 at least a handful usually plays the objective which was one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much more and Warzone (changing objectives) is the best.

specialguest2759d ago

The Battlefield series(excluding Bad Company) was born on the PC and made popular by PC gamers. I hope to not see outdated graphics and dumb-downed features on my PC version.

You Noob2759d ago

Is that a news? Even BC2 has....

Philoctetes2759d ago

This is kind of like telling us that Battlefield 3 is going to have vehicles. Oh, and guns too.

christheredhead2759d ago

i did buy medal of honor day 1 so i better get to try the beta when the time comes

MGRogue20172759d ago

All aboard the hype train! :D

Akagi2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Hype trains: one of the worst things to happen to gaming.

(I didn't disagree with you, btw)

damnyouretall2751d ago

im on the hype train. bf3's gonna be the shit.

Fishy Fingers2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

There currently very little hype for this game, and once it begins to generate it, it's justified. Battlefield games are fantastic and the recent Bad Company titles rank up with the best FPS games this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.