Sakaguchi provides glimpse into Final Fantasy IX development

Legendary Final Fantasy game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi has dug up some old notes from the making of Final Fantasy IX, and they're an interesting read for anyone who's a fan of the adventures of Zidane, Vivi and Steiner. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, especially if you love the old game (lots of fight sequences were planned differently than they went in the final code). If nothing else, it's fascinating to see the game designer's mind working to plan on paper what eventually became a classic PlayStation RPG.

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darkcharizard2643d ago

The Last Story will rock!!!

Relientk772643d ago

This is my favorite Final Fantasy, and actually pretty much the first RPG I ever played, it almost single-handedly got me into RPGs

sjeen662643d ago

the first one was ff8 to me so this was the second and it have the most epic summons and most epic music in ff series .