Use Raptr to Download Free Games, Play and Chat with Xbox Live, Steam and PSN Friends

Make Use Of: Hmm… what to play? Something I probably shouldn’t be asking myself whilst beginning a new article – but if you’re not me, have just finished work and love your games maybe you’ll find yourself asking the same question.

Raptr is a solution aimed at Windows users designed to marry the many platforms on which we now waste our time into one tidy application. Also included is a tasty selection of completely free games you can download, right within the application itself.

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Arup022787d ago

Raptor is the best. add me- Arup02

Arup022787d ago

LoL i offended someone?

dragunrising2787d ago

You didn't offend me. I think the fanboy's are offended that you listed your Xbox Gamer tag.

All and all the program is alright :-) I'll add you.

Black-Helghast2787d ago

It doesn't work for the ps3... O.o

Blaze9292787d ago

and people wonder how their xbox live accounts get hacked...

r1sh122787d ago

I think so too, either they will spy on what you do on each console or..
They will steal your login details.
Yea im not logging into that ever.

GrilledCheeseBook2786d ago

it's a legitimate program
a lot of people use it and I believe some of its features are integrated into Gamespot

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