Eurogamer: The Evolution of Gran Turismo

The same cars on the same tracks across 13 years of PS history.

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UnSelf2454d ago

nice vid.

i cant wait to see the jump from PS3 to 4

JohnnyHalo2454d ago

"The same cars on the same tracks across 13 years of PS history"

I thought evolution ment change? 13 years and they're still spitting out the same thing I played when I was 5?

zootang2454d ago

Shame you didn't know how to drive when you were 5. You would have appreciated it more. If you don't own it now then you must have no interest in driving simulators. Power Rangers and muscle bound pea heads are more suited to your tastes I'm guessing?

visualb2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

so if you went to a track in 1993...and drove a car on that track and got it filmed

then went back there now, 2010...with a better camera, drove THE SAME CAR...on THE SAME TRACK.

would it not look THE SAME, BUT BETTER!? (because of the camera being HD)

THAT my friend is the actual comparison...but seriously, look at you, you bare an avatar of marcus and have the name "johnnyHalo"

poster child of a 360 fanboy, what did you expect? the cars to have lazer guns?

debubble and ignore

OT : Duplicate article, just saw this now <_<

Chucky20032454d ago

don't you ever get tired of trolling,i can say the same thing about Halo or Gears

Otheros002454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Cannot wait to see the comparison to gt6.

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