World of Warcraft: New Pet's Released

Recently, Blizzard released two new pets available in the World of Warcraft Pet Store. Both the Lil' Ragnaros and Lil' Moonkin Hatchling are now available to follow you around Azeroth.

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kdogdaddy2735d ago

Just might have to pick up one myself!

LJCabo2se2735d ago

think ima have 2 go get one, or bolth! =P

kdogdaddy2735d ago

Picked up the Lil' Ragnaros for myself

Losi2735d ago

Nice! Just read it acts as a cooking fire and burns other non-combative critters that come near it!

Losi2735d ago

Yeah looking good for sure. Might have to join the "cool kids" and get one too.

shadosnipa2735d ago

Lol, all I pay for is gametime in this game but It's cool that they are donating money from the boomkin pet to charity. Bout time they start giving away some of those millions they earn a day.

kdogdaddy2735d ago

Just think of how much they made in Day #1 for Race Changes in the recent changes...

Losi2735d ago

I don't usually buy from the online store, but seeing as this goes to a worthy cause and the pets are pretty snazzy I might just have to check them out.