Perfection at any price? Kazunori Yamauchi on learning to let go

VGD writes: "At the risk of getting into yet another debate on the nature of art, it’s fair to say that all artists benefit from a little outside input, a sprinkle of healthy creative opposition, even those /not/ tasked with making money out of a $60 million investment. Yamauchi seems to have spent the past half-decade in an intellectual greenhouse, accompanied only by those already steeped in the pecularities of his vision."

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Rage_S902603d ago

i like how he calls us his citizens :)

dirigiblebill2603d ago

Yeah, I can't help but wonder if that was a PR line or if he came up with it on his own...

Orionsangel2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

This is what I've been saying, Kaz lives in a bubble. If he had let the Forza series influence him rather than ignoring it. We wouldn't have gotten those poor car models and horribly dated trees and poor sound in GT5.

lodossrage2603d ago

Did you read the article or come to that "assumption" all on your own?

49erguy2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

@ Orionsaint

Yeah IMO he should have built on top of the genre rather than ignoring it. The car sounds, cardboard trees/crowds, and boring new tracks is what really disappointed me. The standard car thing almost killed me. I still like the game though. Its a solid 3 outta five for me.

Sashamaz2603d ago

I nearly cried at the site of the standard cars, I think the game would have been better off without them at all, 200 cars would have been enough for me. But no there are 800 ps2 ports I have to stare at.

joeorc2603d ago

"“Now it’s released we’re going to have several million people who’ll become citizens of Gran Turismo. From here on we have to listen to their voice and see what they want and change the game accordingly to match their needs. So Gran Turismo really is just at the starting point, it’s really the beginning and we’re just going to evolve from here.”

this is Sad. I feel for Kaz..this may be his last GT!

no longer is it his vision but that of the the point is now you want it you get it ...congratz even people who have no intention of getting the game will get their say and thus change GT into something it's not..

Congratz on modern Gamers thus killing a great franchise..

Call me judgemental before it goes out, as stupid, but the sheer fact that now the guy who invented the game is giving up on his own vision.

this is sad .

you may say He's more open,

no in my opinion it's where the Majority wins ie: gamer's who are not Happy unless one racer contains everything under the sun and everything every other racer has in it.

this is just my Opinion and you may not agree with it, but im calling it like i see it.

Today's gamer's are spoiled bratz, they want everything and when a great dev. and his team pour their hearts an minds into a have asinine Reviewers claiming that the game is not good as this or that game because this or that game is much more hip to the's like they want everything to no longer be unique anymore and it seems some gamers are all over it wanting to change something unique because every game online review site tells them so.

dirigiblebill2603d ago

I don't think throwing a bone to the people he's asking to fork out $60 for his game constitutes "giving up his own vision". At the end of the day, even artists have to live in the real world.