Neocrisis: Nyko's New Raven Controller Out Now

Neocrisis: Leading game peripherals manufacturer Nyko Technologies today announced that its new premium PS3 controller, the Raven, is now available in select retail outlets, including and GameStop.

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talltony2789d ago

anyone have this controller? It's getting mixed reviews.

NegativeCreepWA2789d ago

I do its good controller but it does have a dead spot in the joysticks. Tried using it for MAG but Mag doesn't let you change the L1 L2 buttons around so I didn't bother using it for long.

talltony2788d ago

I think ill skip this controller and wait for the fully featured bluetooth controller from gioteck later this year. Look up the HF-1 from gioteck. It looks great.

Cenobia2789d ago

I'd like to know if this is bluetooth and if I can turn the PS3 on with it. Otherwise these third party controllers are useless.

jazzking20012789d ago

i am asking to get it to review it. If i do, i will post it

Biggunz2789d ago

meh, no bluetooth. Dongle=Fail.