Gran Turismo 5: A perfect driving simulation, but not a perfect game

Paul Hutchinson, Daily Mail writes: "The waiting is over. It's been five years in the making; five years during which fans of the greatest driving simulator that has ever been have had to put up with lightweight street-racing efforts to fill the gap in the market place.

Five years of strategic planning by Polyphony to launch the PS3's flagship racing game. It's not quite '30 years of hurt' but in gaming terms it's pretty close. It's time for the competition to be put in its place."

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Game-ur2787d ago

"A perfect driving simulation"

That’s the truth right there

AnointedD2787d ago

but not a perfect game...thats the truth expanded right there

GrandTheftZamboni2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Then it should be judged for what it IS and not for what it's NOT. If expectations for this game were high, I don't think one of them was fun like
Mario Cart. It would be like subtracting points from Mario Cart because it has no real-world physics.

StanLee2787d ago

@ AnointedD

That doesn't make any sense! GT is as it's always been. So now all of a sudden, it isn't a perfect game when previous iterations were getting perfect scores for what GT5 does better?

BrianC62342787d ago

Gran Turismo isn't a game. That's for sure. It's a lot more. It's about cars and racing. It's all sim. I guess this guy's score then is a 5 out of 5. I wish reviewers would stop reviewing GT5 as a game. IGN gave it an 8.5. A 10 as a sim and 5 as a game. That's another score that should be perfect. Anyone who wants a Racing Game should buy Hot Pursuit or something. I bought that one too for the type of racing it has. I bought GT5 for the sim.

nycredude2787d ago

Since when does games get review based on whether or not it's perfect? If that was the case then every game in existence fails because there is no such a perfect game and NO ONE should expect ANY game to be perfect.

Esena2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )


Excellent point! I don't understand why reviewers look at GT5 on different terms than its own. It is a freakin driving simulator, therefore according to this guy - is a perfect game. It is insane the level of scrutiny that GT5 gets.

I was just playing some Castlevania and it is a fun game. I just started it and I'd say so far it is about an 8. If I went to grab my stop watch, count the seconds of loading, take note of how certain whip motions aren't as graphically impressive as others, mention the difficulty of navigating the menus, etc. Shoot - the game would be down to a 1/10. Which is certainly not the case.

To all reviewers out there. Please learn how to rate a game on its own terms. If you fail to do so, at least be consistent then. You now have to rate all games on universal grounds. No Wii game would receive above a 5 in graphics, anything less than an RPG would not receive above a 6 in longevity, and only the truly innovative games would receive above 8's in gameplay.

HammockGames2787d ago

There's plenty of games that prove that.

GT5 just happens to be one of the headliners, and one of the best games this gen.

Love cars? Love racing? Then do yourself a favor and play this game! It would be hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it.

Ducky2787d ago

"Driving simulator" and "Video game" are not mutually exclusive terms.

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walker012787d ago

the way most reviewers judge games is just redicuous.
Theyre basically saying they made what its supposed to be perect as it can be done, but were going to judge it on smoething different

komp2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I agree. Lifelong fan with the only complaint that annoying camera angle that shows the blocky shadows. However I have noticed that I do not see the bad shadows when the track is open. All those trees and and things seem to make the shadow code go wonky i swear. I mean the trees are casting shadows as well... you know what I mean. Maybe I am being fan blind.

OT: Why do I have to allow in noscript to allow agree / bubbles on, wtf?

Terror_B2787d ago


Do u sit on N4G all day long and make sure you are first to post everything?

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offdawall2787d ago

so GT5 was supposed to be a perfect game ?

AnointedD2787d ago

you can't rush perfection, good things come to those who wait, the loner we wait the better, I'd rather wait and get a perfect game than have a buggy rushed one...stop me if any of this sounds familiar

dangert122787d ago

Forza 3 bugs were not as bad as these sites made it look plus some of those bugs were from online game modes can't remember what its called but you crash into each other to damage each others cars etc anyway

ive played GT5 loved it played forza 3 loved it
i think the driving is the same which is ok there both trying to be sims the difference is GT5 has more content plus weather features etc
forza 3 has a more in depth editor i would't go so far as to say one is miles better and one is miles worse cause its not true
i prefer the depth you had in forza and its online but then i like all the specials/go karts licenses etc on gt5

xg-ei8ht2787d ago

The drive model in Forza3 is nowhere close to the realistic model in GT5, yes i've played both with steering wheel.

GT5 is a sim.

FORZA3 is not.

sofocado2787d ago

FM 3 is a sim and is a very good one.

komp2787d ago

Says the dailymail who also beleive high house prices are a good thing for everyone.

Close_Second2787d ago

Enough of all these silly reviews. Those who have it generally love it, those who don't will continue support it being the worst game ever.

Graphical and interface issues aside its easily the best driving game I have played. My biggest problem is that you really need a good racing wheel to play the game and get the most out of it.

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