CNN: Gran Turismo 5 Review

This is a car nut's dream. However, it may not be a racing-game nut's dream. The realism almost gets in the way of making this an experience that will reach out to virtual racers.

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DatNJDom812759d ago

It's a shame. I bet PD is gonna dumb down the next GT because of all dumb ass reviews. Too bad for the GT fans. Again, let's thank the joke that is the gaming media, and definitely all the dumb gamer of this generation. You guys have settled for mediocrity instead of pushing the envelope and trying a real challenge. Kudos. If we settle for stupid shit that's all were gonna get.

And why the hell is CNN reviewing a game? Cover Darfur or something else.

cb4g2759d ago

...that PD won't succumb to the crappy reviews. PD are all about the cars and I don't think they'll spit in the face of their own passion just to please some reviewers. The amount of effort and level of detail they put into GT5 is astonishing and really sets them apart from other developers.

Bathyj2759d ago

cb4g is right.

PD arent going to compromise, Whingers will whinge. No amount of pandering will stop that.

When all is said and done GT has all ready at least broke even, thanks to Prolouge and will likely hit close to 10M lifetime sales. I dont think they'll be starving anytime soon.

Stay true to your vision PD. You havent worked your arses off for 15 years just to roll over for the noobs now. We REAL gamers will always support quality.

thor2759d ago

Well there are valid criticisms and crappy criticisms. I think most reviewers understand what a simulator is and what it's about. But you just can't forgive
- The archaic structure of the game (even GT4 lost marks for this, GT5 has not changed it much)
- Premium/standard car distinction
- Lacklustre online

I honestly think these three things are the major negatives that should definitely be fixed in a future GT. As most reviews have mentioned them, I hope PD do listen to the reviews. Other negatives such as damage, AI and graphical issues are more minor but still valid criticisms.

IRetrouk2759d ago

To me the structure of the game is sound, it plays like GT, thats why i bought the game.
As for the whole standard car thing, the way i see it is that they are a bonus.
GT1 had about 150 cars, GT2 had about 700, GT3 had about 180 cars and GT4 had just over 700.
GT5 at the minute have just over 200 cars if we look at the past trends then GT6 will have a lot more cars, plus they can add more with dlc.
To me gt5 has enough cars so that standards cant be taken into consideration when they are in fact just a bonus.

thor2759d ago

Well as I say, even GT4 was criticised for its progression structure - I really do think it could be changed to be a lot more fun and less of a grind. GT has always been about
- Grinding on the easy races
- Getting a good car
- Winning the hard races because you've got a good car
- Challenge came from specific events with restricted cars and licence tests

To be honest this needs to change. It could be made a lot more fun.

As for standard/premium cars, the standard cars are not just a bonus, they are a core part of the game - you NEED to use and race against standard cars as part of the game. Which drags the quality of the game down. You get used to racing in cockpit view, and then a race comes up where you can't because you have to use a standard car.

Also I would have preferred even 100 premium cars over 800 standard cars. Putting the standard cars was not a bonus for PD who must have spent a lot of time putting them in. Enough time to be able to make more premiums. I'd even have taken slightly lower-quality premiums so long as all cars were consistent in graphics, damage, interior views etc.

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NeoBasch2759d ago

lol Not only that, but the guy assumes the average gamer interested in GT5 wants the game to be anything but a simulator. Gran Turismo has had a long history. Not every game is going to be a Burnout. Besides, I know of many racing-game enthusiasts who are quite satisfied with the experience found in this "virtual racer." Just because a game doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it fails at what you perceive to be as "providing an experience."

Bathyj2759d ago

Its like wanting Killzone to control like CoD all over again.

PshycoNinja2759d ago

wants the Ratchet & Clank Vinels (collectable figures; only 300 made; made for few fans and empolyees) and an autographed copy of R&C A Crack in Time by Insomniac developers, PM me and we can work something out.

On Topic: GT5 is awesome I dont care what CNN thinks. It plays like a dream.

cb4g2759d ago

I'd offer up my Collector's Edition copy of inFamous, signed by Sucker Punch, but I can't bear to part with it.

Bathyj2759d ago

I've got a paper cup, signed by me if anyones interested.

Prophet1122759d ago

You are 100% correct, it even states it on the front of the Bluray case "Gran Turismo 5 The Real Driving SIMULATOR"

Bolts2759d ago

I bet most people who are reciting this simulator mantra has zero simulator experience outside of GT5.

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cb4g2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

...I think it may be the cause for the, not so glorious, reviews. Like this review states GT5 is 'a car nut's dream', and not 'a 'racing-game nut's dream'. The attention to detail is overwhelming to most people, but to rev heads it's heaven.

Personally, I think GT5 is awesome.

NecrumSlavery2759d ago

I'm not a car guy but GT5 is teaching me lots about cars and racing. It's exciting to experience this game cause it's different. I dont like racers but GT5 is completely different. Its about car love and I understand some dont quite get it. It's a simulation about driving. but don't bullshit a review, please.

CrescentFang2759d ago

Wait, really? Has it taught you much? I am left behind when my family talks about cars, but I am interested in it. I have GT3 A-Spec and 4, but I could really play them well...

Is GT5 easy to pick up?


NecrumSlavery2759d ago

yeah its easy to pick up. its definitely not flashy. its ver professional in its interface. but dude i had no clue what slipstreaming was. i havent heard of 20% or more of these car companies. Its like an automotive college in a game. its car school online basically.

cb4g2759d ago

If you're interested in learning about the cars and how to race and the physics behind it all, I recommend you get the Collector's Edition which comes with the APEX book. Very comprehensive, it even shows you how engines work, load transfers, wheel types etc.... Too much to mention here

CrescentFang2759d ago

Argh, that's the version I plan to get, but I don't have any money to get it atm :(

I didn't know that though, thanks :)

Ilikegames762759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

In Asia, the regular version comes with the Apex book, but it's in Traditional Chinese though. But the book is really helpful in teaching you how to advance your driving skills.

dale12760d ago

people buy this game for months not weeks,thats the problem,i have a friend who picked up the bundle just for this game,he will be on it for a long long long time.he is a total car nut

IHateYouFanboys2759d ago

that was a terrible review, and quite frankly i dont think they even played it too much - they say that its got youtube uploading.........

for B-spec they say you get to control a team of racers.....funny, the only thing you really get to do in it is say go faster, go slower, overtake, or keep doing what youre doing. not really any team management in there.

it also says that the cars sustain damage like they should, which we know they dont. t-boning someone at 200km/h and both of you driving off with you having a minor bump in your front bumper and them having a slight scratch mark on the side of their car isnt 'behaving as they should'.

also saying theres no cockpit view whatsoever, when there is for 200 of the cars.

this is just a 'we reviewed it too guys, look at us' review, where they clearly didnt even play the game.

Raptura2759d ago

Another waa waa comment saying the reviewer didn't play the game enough. Get over it.

IHateYouFanboys2759d ago

youre misunderstanding my post.....

im not one of the 'they didnt play it enough, they need to put in at least 200 hours and get to level 40' brigade. personally i think the game deserves a 7-7.5/10...........but this is very obviously a review written just based on what the person has read about the game via a quick google search.

why do i think this?

- he says its got youtube upload. now if youd played the game, you would NOT say it has this as it is nowhere to be found, nor is it ever even alluded to in-game.
- he says the damage is part of the cars 'behaving as they should', when pretty much every other reviewer has disagreed and explicity said otherwise.
- for B-Spec he says you take control of a team and do all sorts of team management with the different racers. if he'd actually played it, hed know that B-Spec is nothing even remotely like that. you simply tell a car to drive fast and overtake.
- he says theres no cockpit view at all. there is for 200 of the 1000 cars. yes its terrible that its not there for 80% of the games cars, but for a reviewer to flat out say it doesnt have a cockpit view again shows he didnt actually play the game.

understand me? i have nothing against LEGITIMATE reviews handing out less than stellar reviews. but i dislike fake reviews, like this clearly is. its like one of the reviews you used to get for games in video-rental shop magazines that reviewed a game 6 months before it came out.

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