IBM Upgrades Cell-Based Blade

IBM has updated its Cell BladeCenter server, changing just about everything but the processor to improve performance. The company also released a major upgrade to its multi-core development kit.

"This thing is a speed demon for the kind of immersive 3D apps and encryption and some other apps they are talking about," said Charles King, principle analyst with Pund-IT. "Speed is really the essence for them to be able to do real-time processing or be real darn close to it."

IBM has also released a new software development kit for the Cell called Multicore Acceleration 3.0. The company regularly updates the kit as it learns new tricks from the workloads being run on the Cell. But for this update, IBM performed a major overhaul.

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THC CELL4118d ago


what dose it mean the ps3 cell can be upgraded or the new ps3 elite is coming ?

PimpHandHappy4118d ago

i dont really understand much about the cell or what this means for the cell technolgy.

Maybe someone with some knowledge can enlighten me....


Piranjah4118d ago

This news concerns a specific type of IBM server that isn't used for developing ps3 games.
But - the Cell/B.E. SDK is used by sony for their ps3 devkits. So if IBM improves this SDK, ps3 devs will most likely benefit from this.

demolitionX4118d ago

good news for PS3 developers.

ofx3604118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

It means that the cell possessor is already good enough basically