GT5 sold 92,000 units in Spain in just four days

The most anticipated driving simulator in the history of video games has been a bestseller worldwide. The masterpiece of Kazunori Yamauchi was the only title capable of unseating at the top of the list of sales in the UK Call of Duty: Black Ops, and now is in Spain where the numbers speak for themselves: 92,000 copies in just four days.

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dangert122605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

in one country is pretty impressive
its impressive full stop lol

mikeslemonade2605d ago

Wha!!!!! but there's only 90,000 people in Spain lol

alb18992605d ago


This is the population of Spain 45,777,373

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offdawall2605d ago

cant wait for world wide numbers

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WaggleLOL2605d ago

Guess the massive smear campaign by the gaming press has had absolutely no effect.

Guess gamers and driving sim fans aren't falling for the garbage being thrown at this game.

GoldPS32605d ago

That's becuz use older GT gamers know the quality GT brings. GT will always be the top sim racer no matter what reviews say.

despair2605d ago

GoldPS3 is right i know of over a dozen people who had the game preordered since June or july when they announced the CE. I mean the people who are buying it early know what GT has to offer and how much improved the games have been with each new one. Why would we not get it regardless of reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.