Apple's new iPod classic

Apple today announced the latest in its kind-of-sort-of successful iPod line, the sixth generation iPod "Classic." Like the brand new iPod nano, the flagship iPod is also sporting an all-new interface, headlined by Cover Flow. The iPod comes in 80GB and 160GB capacities, with 30 hours of battery for audio playback, 6 hours of video on the 80GB version, and 40 hours / 7 hours for the 160GB unit. In addition to the new interface, the iPod Classic is getting a new all-metal shell, and is selling at $249 for the 80 gigger, $349 for 160. You can order one today, and they should be hitting stores by the weekend.


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toughNAME3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

thx TRP
can u tell im new at this?

GnaM3822d ago

I'm not going to report this but is this related to gaming?

toughNAME3822d ago

im not going to report you...but it isnt in the gaming scetion

Adamalicious3822d ago

You know you can play video games on the iPod right?

GnaM3822d ago

I didn't even know this site had a non-gaming section.

freediro873822d ago

i wanted a iPod that well was like the iphone!

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