Way of the Samurai 4 Dated, Detailed

Following up their reveal a month or so back, Japanese game publisher Spike gave out a firm release date today for Way of the Samurai 4, latest in their series of sandbox-y feudal Japan sims. The PS3-exclusive title is coming out February 17 in Japan at a suggested retail price of 7770 yen.

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NovusTerminus2732d ago

Always liked WatS. Wish that it would get a large budget, just to let the devs get allot in there. WatS 3 was a let down, so I hope this one is better.

Xof2731d ago

Hm... the idea of an evolving town that changes ~across~ multiple playthroughs sounds interesting. Though, given how low-budget the series is, I'm keeping my expectations low.

Well, here's hoping they can at least manage to muster up the competence to make it all one big area, instead of 8 tiny ones.

Also: any confirmation on era yet? Some of the screenshots seem to indicate Bakamatsu... which while a great time-period for any narrative, it might mean additional gameplay mechanics--specifically, gunplay. It would also force the game to deal more with the "national" situation, instead of focusing exclusively on the local area as was the case with the previous three titles.

Azianphil882731d ago

interesting to see a third party developer making a ps3 exclusive