Toshihiro Nagoshi Talks About Binary Domain

1Up: Binary Domain, the newest game announcement from Sega director Toshihiro Nagoshi, comes a bit out of left field -- not only because it's a big departure from the Yakuza games he's been working on for years, but also because he just announced his next game, Ryu ga Gotoku Of The End, only a couple of months ago.

"Actually, I already had the foundation of ideas for this game in my mind around by the time we wrapped up Yakuza 3," Nagoshi told Famitsu magazine in an interview published this week. "I think it's safe to say that gamers have come to embrace the Yakuza series -- so what, then, should we tackle next? Continuing with and evolving the Yakuza series is important if we want to answer our fans' needs, of course, but is that really good enough? Our dev team's skills have steadily improved and their creative desires are going in all kinds of directions, so it was frustrating for them not to be able to try a project that takes a completely different approach from Yakuza."

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Game-ur2787d ago

"Having great drama and action is a core concept of this game, and with our high technical skill, we're aiming to make it something that appeals worldwide. One thing I want to make very clear, though, is that we're a Japanese studio making this, and the game will not be turning its back on Japanese gamers content-wise."

Very relieved, great interview lots more info in the interview, check it out.

The game is officially in my most wanted list.

Fulensenca2787d ago

"The game is officially in my most wanted list."

Same here. This game seems to have a very intriguing concept.
I can' t wait to see something about the game!

jc485732787d ago

I respect the guy, but I hope he can seriously make a change. I feel like this generation we are plagued by only a few AAA games that are seriously affecting the sales of other games or genre. I get sick of Call of Duty this and Call of Duty that or Halo here and Halo there.

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Azianphil882786d ago

wanna wish Toshihiro Nagoshi luck on his new IP hopefully it could make an impact from a Japanese developer to the Western audience especially this generation is mainly FPS