Game Pro: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon review

Game Pro: Like that awesome video game-shaped present under the Christmas tree that turns out to be cleverly packaged socks or underwear, surprises aren't always welcome. That's the kind of letdown action shooter fans are going to be in for if they dive into Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon on the Wii without doing their homework first. There's nothing found in the screenshots or ad copy on the box to indicate that this military themed third-person action game is actually an arcade-style light gun shooter on rails. While that might not be an issue if the game were better crafted, the disappointments pile up higher the further you slog through this extremely underwhelming point-and-shoot-fest.

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qface642756d ago

i didn't even know this existed

Mr Microsoft2756d ago

Why does it seem most Wii games get low review scores? That's why I've never even thought of getting a Wii.