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Five tracks, five cars... This is 13 years of Gran Turismo, spanning four hardware platforms.

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RankFTW2611d ago

PS2 still looks pretty good.

Death24942611d ago

Yeah, it does. Just can't help but think no matter how good Gran Turismo 5 is, it's always going to be a failure in some people's eyes.

dragon822611d ago

Not the people who actually matter.

visualb2611d ago

well, you cant please everyone.

remember, GT5 caters to specific people, tens of millions of them, but over all specific.

its acquired either love it to death, or just enjoy it.

who ever sees GT5 as a failure fails as a gamer.

its very impressive to see the changes. Biggest leap: PS2 - PS3.

its almost like :

Game - real xD very sweet =) PS1 looks fuuuuugly

Kain812611d ago


Its not Jesus, its Gran Turismo 5^^

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Masterchef20072611d ago

pretty impressive how it improved over time

Gothdom2611d ago

What a beautiful video

JAMurida2611d ago

I still personally think that of all the games that have moved from last generation graphics to next generation graphics, Killzone 2 takes the crown easily. But GT5 is definitely up there.

HurtfulTimez2611d ago

amazing vid... amazing series.

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