Edge: Rage Review

Edge: In tone and premise, Rage's debut has more in common with arcade high score attack games than anything in id Software's canon. Staged within a gameshow of death and hosted by a sadist blabbermouth, it's old-fashioned and schlocky, albeit realised with cutting edge technology.

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King-Leonidas2701d ago

the game´s not out yet wtf

Cevapi882701d ago

i think this is for the iPad and iPhone

The_Zeitgeist2701d ago

Yeah that confused me for a second too. I saw the low score and was like, "so thats why I hadn't heard about it forever." All I can say now is whew.

ico922701d ago

even if the review was 6, the game would probably get 8-9's everywhere else , thats EDGE for ya

NecrumSlavery2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I bought the $.99 iPhone 3G version. The graphics are good and the gameplay is fun. It has 3 good, decent size levels. This is railshooter. It's a game but it's more of a minigame/advertisement to keep you aware of Rage and that it's coming.

I am hoping Rage is better than Borderlands, cause that was my 2009 multiplat runner-up next to Arkham. And if it is as good as I hope, Rage will be the first truly HD open world game. Or I should say it's a 60fps open world game that looks amazing. Only hope is I want it to have the diversity, and at a minimum, the online style of B-Lands.

Also please give it a roleplaying interface, not just a shooter. I want to grow as a character and feel connected to the world.

thewhoopimen2701d ago


The iPad version plays like a shooter on rails. It's good, but kinda monotonous after a while. There are only like 3 or 4 kind of enemies for what is about 3 stages worth of gameplay. It's cheap though at $1.99

UNCyrus2701d ago

Please keep in mind that the review is only for the iOS platform.

doctorstrange2701d ago

Although I was hoping for it to be a better game considering the chunk it'd take out of my iPhone's memory

TheColbertinator2701d ago

lol I was worried it was the PC version for a second.I don't trust EDGE but a 6 caught my attention.Its the Iphone one though

sp1deynut2701d ago

...and so, another fly gets caught in their web. ;)

sp1deynut2701d ago I wouldn't expect the console and PC versions to get much better....likely 7/10. The game will be awesome, no doubt... Edge just likes their hits. :o

marioPSUC2701d ago

I new it wasnt the Console/PC version before I clicked on it, but come on could you make the title a little less misleading?

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The story is too old to be commented.