Epic Mickey dev hoping for good sales

Disney Epic Mickey's lead designer is hoping for good sales of his twisted platformer, despite the poor retail form of other core Wii games.

Junction Point's Paul Weaver told CVG ahead of Mickey's release that he believes gamers can tell his game has "a soul", which should give it an edge over Wii rivals.

"I think it comes down to belief at the end of the day and we've invested a huge amount of time and passion into the game," he said.

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pepsilover_20072610d ago

well i hope so bc they tried something that most wii third party games actually fail to do most of the time... ADVERTISE UR PRODUCTS... cough cough ea with nba jam cough

NecrumSlavery2610d ago

Hardcore 3rd Party Wii games usually flop. Conduit, No More Heroes, MadWorld. I hope it succeeds. I hope for an HD release. *cough* *cough* *PS Move *

ChickeyCantor2610d ago

Conduit and No More Heroes sold enough to go for a sequel, this is usually not considered a " flop ". Suda51 even threw a company party xD.
Madworld, while awesome in style...the gameplay was boring and it will only last you few hours...didn't even support 480p...
This got nothing to do with "hardcore" nonsense, it just wasn't fun enough.

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