Electronic Arts Hunts Video-Game Bargain Bin for Acquisitions

Electronic Arts Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello said the second-largest U.S. video-game publisher has considered a wide range of acquisitions and found most too expensive so far.

“There are probably 25 companies on our radar that would make sense for us at somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of the asking price,” Riccitiello said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg’s New York headquarters. He said he’s interested in deals that add technology, capability and intellectual property without identifying potential targets.

Electronic Arts, publisher of franchises such as “FIFA Soccer” and “Medal of Honor”, has lost ground in the industry with the rise of games played on mobile phones and social networks such as Facebook. The company’s stock is down 74 percent over the last three years on the Nasdaq Stock Market, giving it a $4.98 billion valuation.

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Mystogan2759d ago

Something MS should be doing...right now!

Cajun Chicken2759d ago

...Ah, so you can close them down and keep the IPs like with Pandemic?