Analysis: The State Of The Nation At Nintendo

Over the course of the past year, gamers and the gaming press have written Nintendo off as a company in steep decline; hailed it as the savior of the handheld industry; written it off again (a couple of times, in fact); and called it greedy.

With Tuesday’s release of the 2010 Black Friday sales figures, the winds have shifted once again and Nintendo is now being called a powerhouse. The latest moniker is, of course, a temporary one – but it begs the question: exactly what is going on with Nintendo these days?

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firefoxprime2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Quite an informative article. They are absolutely right about the wii contending with the hd consoles. I dont own one, but not becuase lack of hd visuals. The motion control felt a bit tedious and just didnt appeal to "me". Yet I'm still aware many ppl(millions) enjoy the motion control gameplay. More gamers the merrier. kinda.

Anyways, my attention is on the 3DS/PSP2. Thats what I'm focused on. Buy some $25/50 gift cards for my fam, and call it a day. I purposely ignored all of the (blackfriday/cybermonday) deals. I'm savin up my cash for 2011 baby! Look at all those awesome titles/new hardware, and tell me you dont feel like a lil kid eager,ready, and waiting for new episode of their saturday morning cartoon : )