Clive Barker waxes gory on his cult shooter Jericho

Horror guru Clive Barker gives GamePro all the nasty details on his gruesome new shooter Jericho, the first in part of a planned trilogy of games.

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power of Green 3525d ago

I don't know about this. I hate the art you can tell this games has PS3 in mind with the Reds, Yellows & Browns.

Antan3525d ago

Having worked on the game for 6 months POG, no one format has had preferential treatment, all 3 used the same assets. There are a lot of varied colour palettes used throughout the game, but bear in mind this is a horror action shooter, so there wont be greens and pinks...

Edit-: Not my disagree.

immortal_cries3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Hahaha, your joking right? I thought Ps3 was "all grey"? Now its the browns, yellows and reds? Am I missing something here POG?

On topic. Im still on the fence about the game. I dunno why

Edit: Since you mentioned it Antan, I didnt either, lol. Id rather say why I disagree than be a b**ch about it. Hell, ill give him an agree for all it matters. Here ya go POG

thereapersson3525d ago

You dolt, this has nothing to do with the system it's on; it's simply the art direction the developers chose.

Your comment fails.

MK_Red3525d ago

Awesome, I didn't knew it will be a trilogy! Hopefully the game sells enough to make them soon. Clive Barker is the man.

thereapersson3525d ago

That would be sweet. They could release it over XBL and PSN!

MK_Red3525d ago

I'm totally with you. Undying was a superb game and I'd kill to play it with update graphics on HD.

RonDeMuerte3525d ago

You sound like a girl.....

Antan3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Be a man POG and write something useful and meaningful in response to the posts following yours. Ill teach you about game development one day, as clearly you have absolutley no idea, never have and never will. Ill correct you on 99.9% of your "unique" terminology wording, this would be a good start. You are an absolute knockout! you write some of the funniest things ive ever seen on N4G, and for that i salute you.

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