Pac-Man Championship Edition DX review (

BeefJack: "I mean, I’ve enjoyed Pac-Man Championship Edition DX so much that I’ve even started to question the metaphoric meaning behind it all – behind the satisfaction to be gained from such destruction. You realise, in your robotic efficiency of gathering ghosts and obliterating them, that it’s become more than just a game. It’s an experience, and it’s a way of life. You are slave to its orders, and you have become more than the player: you are Pac-Man."

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Paradise Lost2789d ago

I loved playing the demo, i'll be picking it up soon.

darthv722789d ago

I bought the first champ ed and this one was just to much fun. You tend to forget how the time flows and you think you should have beaten the level already only to see you still had a min 30 on the clock when your last guy died.

It is fast and FUN!

lightningsax2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yeah, ParadiseLost, you really need to pick this up. I haven't even gone through all the stages yet, as I've picked up this weird tendency to at least have an S rank on each 5-minute run. The way they do these leaderboards makes it a surprisingly robust experience!

ThatArtGuy2789d ago

Overall, I'm in the top 1.5%. Whoo hoo!

TheRealist21022789d ago

I tried the demo and enjoyed it however i would like to know if it supports custom soundtracks. I would prefer to play the music on my ps3.

Bass_fisherman2789d ago

Pretty addictive even more than the classic Pac Man.

Close_Second2789d ago

I love the game but I would love an endless mode...its annoying how you get 10 minute snippets of such a wonderful game.

Is there an endless mode???