EA Not Interested In Buying Harmonix

It seems as if we can count EA out of the possible buyers for Rock Band developer Harmonix.

When the question was raised by Bloomberg during an interview with EA boss John Riccitiello regarding a possible purchase of Harmonix, Riccitiello had this to say:

“While buying the Rock Band music video game franchise could make “theoretical” sense, it’s not the strategic direction his company is moving in."

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Mystogan2791d ago

Now im pretty sure that MS is gonna buy Harmonix, i hope they will buy Bizarre too.

Cajun Chicken2791d ago

Harmonix would be a good buy for MS if they continue things like Dance Central...which seems to be popular with people into that sort of thing.

As for Bizarre. Someone should save them. Who better than MS again?

TheLastGuardian2790d ago

I will be SOOOO PISSSSED if Rock Band gets 360 exclusivity!