Sony Pushing PlayStation Move Line-Up

In a recent communication from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), the now-and-near-future PlayStation Move line-up was discussed in-full. Featuring the likes of the recently released SingStar Dance and Heavy Rain: Move Edition, and the forthcoming PlayStation Move Heroes, SCEE are confident they have a move for everybody this holiday season.

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knifefight2669d ago

They're not pushing it into this house, though.

fight4love2669d ago

lol. they dont have any really good games 4 it. sorcery is the only good game and it should of been out by launch.

Moentjers2668d ago

Sports Champions table tennis...

Acquiescence2668d ago

She refused to leave, so I tipped her over onto her side and rolled her ass out.

Parapraxis2668d ago

"They're not pushing it into this house, though."


imoutofthecontest2668d ago

Yes, because if 4.1 million people are buying, everyone else MUST buy it! Clearly all humans must like the same things.

Parapraxis2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

@ imoutofthecontest
What are you talking about?

I was merely pointing out that Move IS in fact going into many homes.

I said NOTHING about everybody having to buy it or having to like it. Where somebody would get such a stupid idea is baffling.

imoutofthecontest2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

...But his comment was abou tit not coming into HIS home.

You even quoted it.

Re: "I said NOTHING about everybody having to buy it or having to like it. Where somebody would get such a stupid idea is baffling."

^ And he said NOTHING about it not selling units. Where you got such a stupid idea is baffling.

knifefight2668d ago

I'm just saying I don't really feel any need to buy Move. Motion control isn't for me. You can enjoy it with your 4 million friends and that's fine. Millions of people go bowling each year too but that's not my bag either.

I'm happy :)

ComboBreaker2668d ago

"Clearly all humans must like the same things."

Sadly, they do.

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tehReaper2668d ago

Both Move and Kinect titles will get better in time. Developers need time to get a feel for the new technologies.

GoldPS32668d ago

It's not hard to make games with Move. It is for Kinect becuz it don't have buttons.

tehReaper2668d ago

The Move is more accurate than the Wii, right? I think they can push what we've seen with the Wii, further.

Parapraxis2668d ago

Been playing Heavy Rain with move, it's awesome.
RE5 and Sports Champions are also a blast.
Probably going to pick up MAG during the holidays and SOCOM 4 and KZ3 are definite must-haves.
I would like to see how Sorcery is coming along as well.

Picking up Mel B or EA Sports active for the GF.
My Move controllers are getting used a lot, I'm glad I picked them up.

Cajun Chicken2668d ago

I've specifically asked for a Move for my birthday next week. I don't feel bad at all that I want it just for getting the chance to play and own Tumble and Echochrome 2, anything else is a bonus I get out of it. Plus...No More Heroes Paradise!!!

raztad2668d ago

MAg is great with MOVE, but you need to get used to it. It takes a little but it is worth the time.

Beast_Master2668d ago

Sorcery is why I bought my move, Kung Fu Live, Dead Space Extraction, Socom and KZ3 will be what keeps me going till then.

Greek God2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Resi 5
Heavy Rain
Lbp 2
Killzone 3
maybe InFamous 2 ?
Deadspace 2
No more Heroes
all Hardcore

Parapraxis2668d ago

Ohhhh yes, Dead Space 2! That is going to be epic =D

Neckbear2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Dead Space 2 doesn't have Move support, though, if I'm not wrong it's just Dead Space: Extraction the one who does.

offdawall2668d ago

hey did you hear move sold over $ million units ... lol just saying

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