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wow there are allot of retards in here what are some of you guys even talking about?

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To be fair Metal Gear Solid has pumped out a good amount of games the past ten years, so has COD, so has Battlefield, etc. Just like in ANY series, fans of the series want to see more games made.

Youre only knocking on Halo because it makes more money.

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Vherostar2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Best Halo of the lot and deserves a remake more than the latest games with maybe a bit of extra content to make it worth buying. The question is can 343 do a good job?? Only time will tell..

However the most concerning thing is it seems MS wants one Halo game per year..

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SonyNGP2784d ago

What's the point?

It's not like you can't play the original one on your 360.

Blacktric2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The point is making the first Halo more accesible for a wider audience that cares about improved graphics and sound to experience an epic story again or for the first time. Same thing can be said about PS2 games. It's not like you can't buy and play ICO/SoTC, Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia, Sly and God Of War games on a PS2 which is being sold for dirt cheap right now.

gamerzBEreal172784d ago

but it would be cheaper to buy the HD remakes and u get trophys and the whole franchise on 1 blu-ray it would also be cheaper to just get the halo:CE and just play it on the 360

drewboy7042784d ago

@gamerzBEreal17 You would probably get gamerscore for this game and unlike the original version you might have online multiplayer halo CE style. In case you forgot Halo CE didnt have online thats why Halo 2 was such an improvement

fossilfern2784d ago

And that Halo CE was the best game in the series IMO

Shepherd 2142784d ago

I think it was Halo 2, but both are respectable.

ELite_Ghost2784d ago

halo 1 with the best maps
halo 2 for online

interrergator2784d ago

they add online towards halo 1 it be crazy

Vherostar2783d ago

Try playing the original online through your 360.. Halo CE was the best Halo and its what made the series so big. It's just a shame the games that came after it weren't half as good. A remake makes perfect sense. I just think without Bungie working on it though nobody will know what to expect.. You can bet it will sell through the roof though.

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