Comedian Dara O'Briain hates the crouch button

Comedian Dara O’Brian has spoken of his irritation at the crouch button in action games, during a live set now available to purchase on DVD.

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galgor2639d ago

how the **** is this news?!

Anarki2639d ago

Exactly.. NEWS 4 gamers, not comedy...

Buff10442639d ago

Too many snobs on this website that don't even know what the word "news" means. Let's stop with the whole "this isn't gaming news" BS. News is news, and your fellow N4G peers voted this story onto the front page. Period.

Red_Orange_Juice2639d ago

cool story bro, this aint news

Dsnyder2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

News 4 Hits.

MGRogue20172639d ago

funny stuff.. his accent makes it 10x funnier also

Awookie2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

British humor is horrible.

Edit: Ok then, British humor and this guy (who lives in England) is horrible

Acquiescence2639d ago

Republic of Ireland Irish. Ergo, not British.

guigsy2639d ago

Miles better than American "humour", if you can even call it that.

nickjkl2639d ago

okay you say that

but what exactly is american humor

tails132639d ago


American humour is taking British comedy and making it worse.

Scott6672639d ago

"okay you say that

but what exactly is american humor"

American humour would be comedy that originates from America, just as British humour would comedy that originates from England.

I fail to see what would be so difficult to understand.

Irnbruguy2639d ago

@scott british humour that originates from england.

You should just up right there.

xAlmostPro2639d ago

lol @scott british comedy starts from england? reallyyy see i thought it could also come from, scotland, wales & ireland lol..

and to the guy who said british comedy is horrible WOW.. thats all i'll say, you guys have hilarious sitcoms n such but stand up wise, i only find the likes of chris rock/dave chapelle funny..

i personally think the best stand up is from britain.. billy connely, lee evans etc

djfullshred2638d ago

All you fools arguing over what countries "humour" sucks sound like people who don't know how to laugh.

Either you laugh at stuff from anywhere, or you are just a cold fish. :-)

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AllroundGamer2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

@Awookie you should try Eddie Izzard, he's wickedly funny :) btw. my favorite stand up comedians are: Eddie Izzard, Christopher Titus, Dane Cook, Bill Maher, George Carlin, Jeff Dunham, Jim Jeffries, Pablo Francisco... that is all :)

visualb2639d ago

how can you like George Carlin (rip) AND Dane Cook?! =P

for american comdey, I also love George Carlin and Bill Maher, as well as Bill Hicks =D

UK also has great comedians

dara o'brian, bill bailey and david mitchell =D

RIP_Weazel2638d ago

..and Rufus Hound, Ricky Gervais (When on song), Sean Lock, Leigh Francis and Frankie Boyle.

JamieLeeC932638d ago

Don't forget Jimmy Carr and Lee Evans.

JamieLeeC932639d ago

If British humour is horrible, then American humour must be fucking disgustingly horrible.

visualb2639d ago

most ignorant post I've seen all month (and I've seen many)

If british humor is horrible, then American humor kills kittens?

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meehanprime2639d ago

Really funny stuff would love to see more gaming comedy

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