Resolution: Kinectimals review

Resolution's Jennifer Allen writes: There’s a loose story connected to proceedings. You’re stranded on an island inhabited by big cats and a fairy type creature by the name of Bumble. Bumble explains to you the history of the island – that others, a mysterious ‘Captain’, used to live there and look after the animals but not any more – and so it’s down to you to take care of things. Your first order of the day is to choose your cub. A decision that, perhaps worryingly, took me a surprisingly long time to settle on. Yes I might love my ultraviolent games as much as the next psychopath, but stick a little ball of fluff in front of me and I’m reduced to ‘aww look at the cute, ickle, wickle cuddly wuddly tiggercat’ goo. Ahem, anyway….each cub loves to present itself to you in a ridiculously endearing fashion.

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I_Like_Good_Games2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

7-8 seems to be the score range for this game for most reviewers.

I_Like_Good_Games2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Disagrees are unprecedented for my comment but then again this website is evidently mostly for the psEXTREME apparently.

guigsy2791d ago

Well your right anyway because the metacritic for this game is 74.

T9X692791d ago

No more like 7-8

Not bad though, I was honestly expecting tons of 6's.