Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga review (

BeefJack: "It doesn't do anything new with the formula, and as polished as it is this predictability may limit your overall enjoyment. But The Dragon Knight Saga offers a huge amount of traditional RPG questing, and it's very easy to lose yourself - and hours of you day - enjoying its world."

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N4GAddict2731d ago

I wish this was also for ps3

mobijoker2731d ago

Spot on review!The game does nothing new,but what it does,it does with minimal fuss.Here every location discovering is an achievement as it does not hold your hands and show you the path with quest markers.

pr0digyZA2731d ago

I heard this was better than the other one glad it's getting good scores.

imvix2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Yea i been holding back to get this one, so many RPGs coming up. With the biggest daddy of them all being Witcher 2. Next few months we got:

Divinity II
Fall out Vegas
Two worlds II

Interested in all of them until Witcher, but probably wait until they are on discounts @ Steam or D2D.

pr0digyZA2731d ago

Two worlds 2 im definitely interested in because of all the positive press it has been getting (and I must admit I quite enjoyed the first one). But yes witcher 2 is my most anticipated RPG for next year.

imvix2731d ago

I have a feeling Divinity 2 will be on discount on the next Steam or D2D sale, gonna wait lol. Not too far now.

led10902731d ago

divinity 2 is awesome. Can't wait for witcher 2 though, that game is gonna destroy whats left of my life

BillOreilly2731d ago

Divinity 2 was such a great suprise. I was initially put off by the clunky running and dying so much early on but i stuck with it to find one of the best rpgs i have ever played. I love the exploration and leveling. Epic game. Def check this out, gives oblivion a run for its money.