New screens and artworks revealed for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

New screens and artworks have been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo DS exclusive game, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

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Game-ur2756d ago

Street fighter 2 syndrome, they can't count to 3

Anarki2756d ago

When will they stop making stupid ass side games.

Ruggadagod2756d ago

i love kingdom hearts and i buy every single game i can. when you are a fan of something, whether it would be halo,call of duty,etc., you wanna support your franchise because you like it. the same thing is with me and kingdom hearts. i cannot get enough of it.

firefoxprime2756d ago

Well said. The KH franchise is really spread out over mutiple gaming systems. (PS2,PSP,GBA,DS,and eventually 3DS.) This insteresting thing, is that each "side story" is actually just another piece to the puzzle. Although some fans who whine like lil kids(all right to do so), "Every" single game is within the KH timeline. And with each game you have a clearer view of whats going on. Lets face it. Without chain of memoires and 358/2 days, KH2 would've been a realllly narrow story.

princejb1342756d ago

i didnt play chain of memories
just saw the ending on youtube
and i still thought kh2 was excellent

firefoxprime2756d ago

Me Neither. And I don't feel like dishing out $30 to play the ps2 version either. So thanks to 358/2 days(beat it last year), I have a more fleshed out view of OrgXIII. You know. Since you only fight half the organization in KH2