Five reasons why Homefront could be better than Call of Duty

Could Call of Duty have finally met its match? Homefront is surprisingly good - and these are some of the reasons why.

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DoomeDx2759d ago

Many games are better then Call of Duty.

Developers should stop acting like Call of Duty is the best game EVARRR!
Many games are going for the Cod'ish approach these days. (Medal of Honor for example).

What happend to originalilty?
Like Half-life?

Shackdaddy8362759d ago

I think CoD should just die. It really isn't even close to the best shooter out there in yet every other game suffers because CoD is a "me too" game.

It's just not fair.

But anyways, Homefront doesn't have anything related to CoD except that they are both shooters. I would say its more comparable to games like MAG and the BF series. And even then Homefront is going to have its own feel with the inclusion of small vehicles like Frontlines had(if I read up on this game right)

imvix2759d ago

Agreed there is no innovation in COD its the same rehashed crap. People just support it due to Name and massive advertisements.

In fact due COD most of the good games get pushed to Q1 leaving an empty last quarter.

thereapersson2759d ago

Why do they insist on charging 60 dollars for half a game? The single player sure doesn't ring a bell when you talk to anyone serious about the series, so it makes me wonder why they included it at all. Just do a Warhawk and charge $29.99, removing the 4 hour single player game altogether.

imvix2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


Its funny but they already charge people for 2-3 DLCs, add that onto the price its like paying 90-105usd for the full experience ever year. Never mind the rumor that Xbox users now pay more for XBL just so Activison can get their fix. Its sad the current situation of gaming.

I would rather play a game like TF2 where people get dedicated servers, free user maps and mods, and tons of developer support all for free.

vickers5002759d ago

CoD games are so popular because they're highly replayable and addictive and have silky smooth, responsive as hell accurate controls with a smooth 60fps.

When it comes to consoles (I'm only comparing console FPS games here), not many (if any) games can match the amount of content Call of Duty games bring. Black Ops has 14 multiplayer maps, 43 weapons (53 if you count the grenades, tomahawk, c4, and claymore), 19 gun attachments and 4 pieces of non-lethal equipment. You can also customize the look of each of the primary weapons with 15 different camouflages, clan tag etched into your gun, and limitless emblem customization to go on your gun. You can also customize your gun to have a reticule from up to 40 choices, with up to 7 colors of your choice for reticule and lens color.

Black Ops also has a cooperative zombie mode, 2 secret arcade games (one of which is actually very fun and on par with a 15 dollar psn title, but I haven't played the other one), and a reasonably decently lengthy campaign.

No other (console) FPS this gen (except maybe that trash known as Army of Two, but even then I'm still not 100% sure) has that amount of customization and content. Sure the graphics may be outdated these days, but guess what, I don't play games for graphics, I play games for the gameplay, and Call of Duty has excellent gameplay (by which I mean excellent controls, which cannot be denied).

That is why people still love and still play CoD games, is because they are highly replayable (if you like multiplayer and/or co op, which is the main reason anybody in their right minds would actually buy CoD for, only an idiot would expect an amazing sp experience from a cod game).

Yes a lot of it does have to do with hype and franchise recognition, but the major reason is like I said before, is because of the amount of content (most of it being in multiplayer), customization, and great controls.

maniacmayhem2759d ago

Funny, everyone hating on CoD is a very small minority. Get over it, CoD is fun and the multi has a high replay value.

I agree 100 with Vickers500

dillydadally2758d ago

Bubbles for you Vickers500 - not only for having the guts to say something unpopular among the n4g community but for also backing it up with a very logical and well expressed argument.

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vhero2759d ago

I can spew out 10 FPS games that are better than COD but the COD name sells the game not the quality of the game. Same with games like Halo, GTA and recent Final Fantasy titles.

DoomeDx2759d ago

Well, halo is decent, GTA is awesome (Yes guys, i enjoyed GTA4 for PC with mods).

But CoD? man..
I cant stand those kids on my school talking about their prestige level and their awesome moments.

OhMyGandhi2759d ago

I love these comments.

"Yeah..COD SUCKS!"

*submits comment, turns on console of choice...*

If Call Of Duty is a me-to kind of game, then those who appose it share a similar stigmata.

CrzyFooL2759d ago

Because Kim Jong Il says so!!

MGRogue20172759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It isn't.

How I know? 'cause I've played it. Performance is terrible & the graphics are really bad. Like, Really bad.

The only way it could match CoD, Halo or Killzone.. would be if the game received a complete overhaul.

Peppino72759d ago

Plus how does the main guy see with that Red Star Karate kid bandana over his eyes? 8-/

NecrumSlavery2759d ago

I watched gameplay clips from and it looks realistic, very good effects and nice animations.

T9X692759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

The famous" X game could be better than Call of Duty". Few weeks after it releases you get the famous "Why X game isn't better than Call of Duty".


I enjoy COD (Well at least Treyarch's COD games) but I don't think it's the best FPS shooter around. Why people always compare every FPS to COD is beyond me, hell I personally think MAG is better than COD or even Killzone 2. I liked Bad Company 2 but the online progression system was really weak, I unlocked almost everything in less than a week and it just became dull. I think the actual gameplay in BFBC2 was better than COD, I just wish there was more reward for playing longer.

DoomeDx2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Dont get me wrong,
CoD is a good game (Not my type of game though).

But people are acting like its the most epic FPS game EVER!
I (Mind you, its an opinion!) choose bad company 2 over CoD any day!

Want a fun online 'fps'?
Get Garry's mod :D

EDIT: I agree about the unlock system, but i dont play games just for unlocks. Hell im even enjoying CoD 1. Or Quake 3. Or Ut2k4. No unlocks, but lots of fun

CoD is pretty much all about the unlocks & Killstreaks.
So with that said, Gameplay matters, thats why i am playing Bad Company 2 for 9 months already.
Just got BO (Second handed) got bored after 6 hours of gameplay!

But, vaild points righ there buddy. Bubble up

I_Like_Good_Games2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Well it's not a game that completely glorifies American military Triumphs (Fictional or not).

So it can't be all that bad or 'same-y' I hope.

JacobIsHollywood2759d ago

American military triumphs are awesome...

...because America is awesome. ^_^

There's a reason we enjoy it here.

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