Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Preview - Better Than Gran Turismo 5?

Videogameszone published its preview for Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed. Is it better than Gran Turismo 5?

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imvix2671d ago

Played Need for speed shift in eyefinity, i can say it was an awesome experience. Cant say about GT5 since i dont own a PS3. This looks fun will probably pick up on a discount.

Zachmo1822669d ago

Wow are people disagreeing with you? I mean really you didn't even say anything negative about there beloved GT5

SonyWarrior2669d ago

i disagreed with the both of you.. just so you know

JimRome2669d ago

I disagreed, you want to know why?

I disagreed because, I too, played Need for Speed shift in eyefinity, however I did not think it was an awesome experience. Therefore, I disagree with his comment.


Onion- I like to drink Molson beer because it tastes good.
JaimeRoma- I disagree, I think Molson beer is mediocre at best.

nix2669d ago

i 'agreed' with you because JaimeRoma is right!

xTruthx2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Maybe they disagreed cus they dont like NFS shift that much? Y do it always have to be a fanboy war with u kids lol

BTW, I liked shift (PC)

40cal2669d ago

I liked Shift also, I was a great game. I have also put in some time with GT5 and can say its a way better simulator.

I am excited to see what Shift 2 brings or improves upon.

yoghurt2671d ago

Maybe NFS is a better arcade racer, but not a better driving simulator, which is what GT5 is.

BrianG2671d ago

I agree, Shift was awesome, but so is GT5, just in another way.

With Shift its fun to race fast and smash some things up here and there without being penalized. With GT5 I get that sense of accomplishment after every race, especially the hard ones. With Shift I bought a Corvette, maxed it out and that pretty much beat the game for me. I already used more cars in GT5 and can see myself going for that trophy for 1,000 cars haha.

Close_Second2669d ago

Agree completely.

As for comparing a simulator with arcade gameplay does this now mean Ace Comabt will be compared to Flight Simulator?

I dare say NFS is better than GT5 for those who prefer arcade style play.

Quagmire2669d ago

Sure, in some ways more than others.

GT5 and Shift both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Vesemir2669d ago


Graphics2669d ago

Is shift 2 even playable for them to state such a retarded question like this?

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The story is too old to be commented.