Examiner: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Examiner: There are some things that a gamer should expect when a game is in production for six years. One is delays, which Gran Turismo 5 had in spades. Another is a high production value, which GT5 also had in spades (rumor back in January was that production costs had exceeded $60 million). But the one thing you shouldn't expect is for a game of such high standards to disappoint you, and that's what Gran Turismo 5 has done.

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r0gueZA2786d ago

3/5? common... be nice'er :)

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TheBlackSmoke2786d ago

"You can bump and smash into your opponents as much as you see fit and the only thing it will do is slow you (and them) down. There is absolutely no visible marring of the cars, if there is any at all."

"Journalism" FTW

Knushwood Butt2786d ago

Here is my review of Tyler Boshart's hair:


Tapewurm2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yet another uninformed review a real review here:


thewhoopimen2786d ago

Here's a quick litmus test to see how 'unbiased" reviewers are these days.

Let's look at other 6/10 titles compared to GT5 and really compare their quality range. Is GT5 really a bug-ridden race title that breaks it's main gameplay mechanics? I fail to see how a 6/10 is warranted.

MNicholas2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Never mind the fact that the reviewer is bad at math and thinks GT5 was in development even before the PS3 hardware existed.

Polyphony Digital have only 100 to 140 people to do the following in the last six years.

Tourist Trophy (modified engine, mostly new assets and physics model)
GTPSP (modified engine, mostly new assets, modified physics model)
GT HD, GT5:P, and GT5 (periodic releases of a brand new engine, brand new assets, brand new physics model)

4 games (prologue has more content than most racing games), 1 demo, 5 releases (100 to 140 member development team)

Turn10 had over 300 people (read the interviews) to do the following
Forza 2 (brand new engine, brand new assets, modified physics model)
Forza 3 (modified engine, some new assets (cockpits), modified physics model)

2 games, 2 releases (300+ development team)

In other words, Turn10 had more than twice as many people and a lot less to work on. Yet the graphics are inferior and the games failed as simulators when tested against GT5 and real life track times.

clank5432786d ago

Having played the game extensively since last Wednesday, I don't understand this. I love it, but I can also see other people's issues with the loading, textures, and some other things. There is no way this game should score below a 7/10, though. Even if you absolutely hate Gran Turismo, the amount of content and the quality of the actual racing should be more than enough to score at least a 7/10 or a 3.5/5. Personally, I would give it a 9.1 because of how much fun I'm having with it, but a 6/10? I'm sorry, but I just can't take that seriously.

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darthdevidem012786d ago

After reading the review it seems like its a 4/5....not a 3/5.

They were too harsh on scoring.

N4GAddict2786d ago

The review definitely sounded better than the score

yoghurt2786d ago

I am not a car junkie, have not completed any of the previous GT games, but playing through this at the moment, even though I am on a low level this is no way a 6/10 game, crazy. It's actually very awsome and loads of variety, one minute a-spec, next nascar training, next go karting, it's great. That said, this is one mans opinion and that is his to have, although his mention of lack of damage again suggests he has not progressed very far in the game.

Orionsangel2786d ago

It is one mans opinion. Which would be fine if he was in the minority, but unfortunately he's in the majority.

CrippleH2786d ago

Majority is the huge masses that bought this game.

nycredude2786d ago

How did you figure a 6/10 is the majority when metacritic score is 86? I think you should have stayed in school yo.

Azianphil882786d ago

doesnt matter as long as the fans are please
the game is already my GOTY

gamesaregood2786d ago

Im up to level 18 and im having the time of my life, my fav game of the year so far.

RedDead2786d ago

Got a Veyron just there, you get it for all gold in the GT world championship. It's over 900.

guigsy2786d ago

Glad people are enjoying it despite the mediocre reviews.

komp2786d ago

Wow, these lame reviews still coming in. Ive been enjoying the game and had hoped when I came back this would have stopped. Hits hits hits is what these folks want.

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