Microsoft: Your Xbox 360 Is Not For Gaming

NextGN writes: "Remember the good old days where phones were used for calling people and gaming consoles were used for playing games? Well, it seems that those days are now officially over. Gaming consoles are becoming more of a household appliance as apposed to a video gaming device. The PlayStation 3 already has the capability of browsing the internet, it even has it’s own subscription based television service. It seems like Microsoft are following suit, however – they are taking it to the next extreme."

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KillerCucumber2670d ago

The Xbox 720 will also be a functional Microwave Oven.

BrownRanger2670d ago

The PlayStation 3 already works as a heater when you play Uncharted 2 :)

Kitchen_Sink2670d ago

Strangely though my PlayStation has never crashed while playing Uncharted.... however, Black Ops seems to be kiling it....

FiLTHY ESKiMO2670d ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops has only crashed twice for me. Although, I know, it shouldn't crash at all. I have been reading that it has been killing fatty ps3s... mine is almost 4 years old and still going strong.. would suck if it died.

Cenobia2670d ago


Never had an issue with Black Ops.

You should try New Vegas. It froze on me at least 25 times so far. It also freezes for a moment every 20 feet and my heart skips a beat every damn time. They really need a new patch for it.

krankie2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Indeed - I'm told my external 360 psu will act as a fire lighter too while the 360 itself is currently doing an average job of being a PS3 stand (if only it was a bit flatter).

Really great extra features in consoles these days.


Anarki2670d ago

Dude, when it's cold...... no word of a lie, I turn on my 360 or my PS3 to heat my room up LOL they maybe awesome gaming machines, but they're equally as awesome heaters!

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SuggestionBoy2670d ago

hahahahahahahahaha.... funny guy. :P

booni32670d ago

Wow,not for gaming. Guess i gotta stop playing games on it /s

dangert122670d ago

MS are defo barking up the wrong tree i don't even watch tv if xbox live went up for these reason i could imaigine a good few people opting out i mean my xbox has been offline since ps+
i already have virgin media tv but like i said i dont actually watch tv just games and movies but im not willing to pay to use it online or connect them if sony did this i'd move to steam

SodoBot2670d ago

Clear signs of MS completely abandoning their gamer market. What gamer wants to sit around their console watching TV. I just want to play games.

LittleBigHalo2670d ago

... adn why on earth do you only have one bubble?

Anyway, I agree. This whole new movement is starting to creep me out.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2670d ago

If someone disagrees with your opinion they will try to take it away - your opinion, that is. :)

SuggestionBoy2670d ago

If I want to watch anything I will either put on a Blu-ray or find it on the internet anyway.

KillerCucumber2670d ago

To extreme opposites, LOL. Either we spend good hard cash on a Blu-ray or pirate it. Or both.... but yeah, TV on the Xbox. If it was optional, then sure, but otherwise, not so much. The kinect scares the crap out off me.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2670d ago

3D Blu-ray is the way to go. May not be for everyone, but I sure as heck love it.

LittleBigHalo2670d ago

People will stop buying Blu-rays one day. It will all be DL unfortunately.

Cenobia2670d ago


Maybe in 20 years. We don't have the capability or infrastructure to go download only.

When we have global broadband internet that might be an option.

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Fishy Fingers2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Consoles seem to be coming more or less PCs with unified hardware. Just with a closed OS.

dredgewalker2670d ago

And the peace of mind that you don't need to upgrade as time passes by. It would be great though if the video card can be swapped with a better one after 3 or 4 years like a pc. I know someone will say "why not just get a pc?", it's because some of my favorite console games tend to stay as console exclusive.

Bass_fisherman2670d ago

@FishyFingers - it was always like that but its obvious that PC´s will be always superior.

pneboy2670d ago

microsoft are right, its not used for gaming its used for a door stopper after the thing red rings

theonlylolking2670d ago

No wonder we are not getting much hardcore games on the 360 and getting non gaming services AND kinect.

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