Incognito onto Warhawk Problems

Warhawk developer updates the situation on the games current problems.


'Our team here at Incognito along with our great support team in San Diego were, and continue to be, diligently working on these issues. I want to reassure everyone that while we *have* been quiet these last few days, it is NOT a sign that we are off on some tropical island somewhere...we are hard at work on the big issues.'

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Marceles4121d ago

I hope they fix the stats problem. They haven't updated since Sept 1st and I've played every day on a ranked server since then.

Tsalagi4121d ago

I should be a at least a Chief Sergeant by now but because the ranks are messed up i'm stuck at a airman 1'st class. It won't even count my ribbons, medals, or points i get and all i play is ranked matches. I really hope they get this problem fixed soon or i'll do like i did when BF2 on the 360 started cheating me out of rank. Let it sit on the shelf and collect enough dust to have a nice winter coat.

SmokeyMcBear4121d ago

playing a game to get a rank instead of just playing to have fun... man what happened

Tsalagi4121d ago

I play it for fun. It's actually one of the few online games i can tolerate. It's just frustrating to earn all those medals, ribbons, and such and then to not have them count. It's really not that big of a deal though since you have all the weapons available to you regardless of your rank (looking at you RB6) but i want to customize my character and warhawk.

MikeGdaGod4121d ago

i keep getting "Network Error" - "Network Timeout"

Kleptic4121d ago

the network time out error is probably the most common bug going on right prevents people from even getting to the main lobby...V1.92 helped for some, hurt others...but according to SCEA that is just a coincidence, because the update had nothing to do with warhawk like rumored...

This, and the server full/can't join/dropped issues, will probably be the first things fixed...the stats probably not for a little while more...unless it ends up being a simple matter of integrating a beefier/more servers to the stat trakcing process...It sounds like its an integration problem though, and a stat tracking system is not something that is easy to run in parallel during I would be guess it will be shut off for another week or so, and wont' be on until its completely ready...the most realistic assumption is that all the stats that have not been posted to the server will be lost or already have been easy fix for that is to simply not play ranked games, and just practice...You won't feel bad about losing ribbons and awards...because you simply won't get any...the game is still awesome...

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Meus Renaissance4121d ago

And for those who have had a problem with the stats, don't worry - they've been recording them (but stopped doing that on the 2nd). So after the update, you'll get your real stats appearing in your profile.

Appreciate the hard effort by the dev team, good stuff.

Bits-N-Kibbles4121d ago

I will have 5 dates where I have ranked up to airman

jared817994121d ago

I love this game and been playing since beta, but seriously. These all were probs in beta as well.

akaFullMetal4121d ago

this is great, now we can really go all out on everybody, and did somebody make a n4g clan???? hit me up psn: akafullmetal

MikeGdaGod4121d ago

ask EZCheez to sign you up cus i don't know how. i just got the invite.

reaferfore204120d ago

Sign me up too yo!

PSN: BabyStomper5000

sat6094120d ago

Sounds interesting, would like an invite as well

sheng long4121d ago

there is an n4g clan, i have seen a few guys on it. it's just called n4g.

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