10° RIFT’s War-torn Instance: King’s Breach

The new instance centers around the quintessential battle between Life & Death. However, this is no arbitrary struggle for survival; the Elves of House Aelfwar have put their reputation on the line as they push against the “flesh-crafted horrors” of the northern Death Rifts. The creators of these Death Rifts, the Deathtouched, know just as well as the Elves that there is more at stake here than blood and land.

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Murgatroyd72488d ago

That looks pretty freakin' cool.

omicron0092488d ago

looks alright, but nothing that has gotten me too excited yet

RaymondM2486d ago

Same here. I've been getting all of these updates for new MMOs, but none of them catch my attention or show me lasting appeal like WoW