Nillson – Racing genre’s stale, we want innovation, not 1000 cars

M2G Writes:

Marcus Nillson, executive producer at Dice, has revealed he feels the racing genre is stale and his studio is planning to mix things up with Need for Speed: Shift Unleashed 2.

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nix2790d ago

i hope they add wings. i want cars that fly.

Mmmkay2790d ago

more spike strips. that's what racing is all about. and guns.

vhero2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Wow are really going this angle? Since everybody seems to be having a pop at GT5 right now they do to advertise there game? I prefer 1000+ cars (and they all look dreamy on my 42" plasma in 1080p)over 30 thankyou ta. Also DICE?? They should stick to FPS games it's what they are good at.

Oh and as for innovation.. Every need for speed games been the same since PS2 days there has been nothing innovative about them in years. They are the same game with a nice new look. You want something new other than GT5? Try Test Drive Unlimited 2

nefertis2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

GT5 is King. GT5 is world wide known its one thee best racing sim, even nfs:shift 2 can't come close too gt5, trust me it won't with the content gt5 has too offer.