David Jaffe Gives 360 Owner a PS3 So They Can Play New Twisted Metal

Gaming may be one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment, but the community is something that remains close and tight. David Jaffe, notorious for being an industry badass, is showing his thanks to his fans today by lending a hand to a Twisted Metal fan. When the fan asked Jaffe if Twisted Metal would arrive on the Xbox 360, Jaffe had to crush the man’s hopes, but those hopes were quickly revived thanks to Eat Sleep Play and Sony Santa Monica.

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All_4_One2606d ago

Jaffe just saved that man`s life.

Shanks2606d ago

That was awesome.
Jaffe is the man.

fishd2606d ago

I want a G27...should contact Jaffe,lol

AntoineDcoolette2606d ago

Papa Jaffe, I'm too poor to afford video games, I'd like Twisted Metal Ps3 for christmas, thanks. Your favorite stranger, Antoine.

rockleex2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I always knew Jaffe was Santa Claus!!

Hah! And you all thought Santa didn't exist.

Jaffe has been eating the cookies and drinking the milk I left on the table every Christmas!

I saw him!! But no one believed me... except for Kevin Butler of course.

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Bull5hifT2606d ago ShowReplies(2)
Anton Chigurh2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

David Jaffe Gives PS3 Owner a 360 So They Can Play Forza 3. /S

RedDevils2606d ago

@Anton David Jaffe Gives PS3 Owner a 360 So They Can Warm their Feet while playing GT 5 :)

Killman2605d ago



Dsnyder2606d ago

He is a pretty cool guy.

Mizz_mai2606d ago

And soon he'll be on N4G trolling us 360 fans like a true PS3 fanboy lol i kid i kid,now he can play some more great exclusives!!!!

Flashwave_UK2605d ago

lol yeah his a hole was yey ( ) big after micr$ofts rape or wallet rape last year

bangoskank2605d ago

I can't stand biased comments but this was too funny. Bubble for you.

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kaveti66162606d ago

Wait, did they bother to ask if the guy already had a PS3?

Maybe he was just asking if it was on 360 just for information.

It's awfully nice of Jaffe and Sony Santa Monica and Eat Sleep Play to do this, but it's obviously a publicity stunt.

deadreckoning6662606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Yep, it was obviously a publicity stunt. Why else would Jaffe announce to all his twitter followers that he would be giving some random dude a PS3? Good news for the kid nonetheless. If Molyneux gave me a free 360 proly sell it for more PS3 games to be honest...but free stuff is still cool :)

@Kaveti- Don't know why ur getting disagrees dude. It was clearly a publicity stunt. Jaffe could have sent the kid a private message if he wanted to give him a PS3.

"is jaffe retarded? This is mind boggling....If that kid was a fan of twisted metal he would of already have owned a ps3!!!"

Exactly. The kid proly already has a 60gb and is planning on replacing it with the new PS3 he gets. He'll proly sell the old one for more games lol.

@Xusuyzus- G27? Nah...I don't think I could handle that much power in my hands. Too epic.

Xusuyzus2606d ago

hehe true,.. or get Gt25 or G27 for gt5,..

IRetrouk2606d ago

def a publicity stunt, but a good one, he actually searched him out though which was a nice touch.

fear882606d ago

Hey at least it wasn't the "class act" that Microsoft gave the remaining guys playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live.

That was pathetic that they would only throw them a freaking beta key for Halo Reach.

The man gave a freaking console. Both were publicity stunts but this was obviously a lot more involved than a freaking beta key in your inbox.

Jio2606d ago

Im sure its not. On twitter he was announcing it because he didnt know the name of the person who asked him the question. He was asking who it was so he could give it to him

Balt 2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Dead, it was a pub stunt. A 360 only gamer who probably has 100+ live friends on his account, who in turn have 100's of friends on their live account and so forth and so on get wind of how awesome TM is and all of a sudden people who normally wouldn't buy it are buying it now.

Face it, a PS3 is only 300 bucks -- 4 copies of TM sold almost makes that up and then some. This is a stunt.

OhReginald2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

is jaffe retarded? This is mind boggling....If that kid was a fan of twisted metal he would of already have owned a ps3!!!

I wonder what other twisted metals fans that purchased a ps3 with their own money thinks of jaffe's move...

fukin ridiculous.

vhero2606d ago

Not really.. Most gamers assumed MS would pay for every game to go multi-platform. But in your instance I would say that every FF owner should own a PS3.. But after FF13 we know it's not true. Seems the old ps2 gamers are split something like 55% on ps3 and 45% on 360 now.

OhReginald2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Your does not make sense....Sony owns twisted metal IP...Sony does not own Final Fantasy IP.....If you keep spewing out false information you will just make yourself look like a dolt, kinda like right now but to a smaller extent.

xAlmostPro2606d ago

how does being a fan of something mean you would have a ps3..

it could be highly possible that he bought a 360 before the franchise twisted metal was announced, and maybe he doesn't have the money to go out and buy a console for one game, fan or not..

his tweet was also pretty innocent, he only asked if it would be multi-plat as he owns a 360..

not "omg im so gutted twisted metal isn't out for the 360..looks like i'll be missing out" or anything lol..

Although it has created a good chance for Jaffe do add abit of extra hype to twisted metal so why not.

KwietStorm2606d ago

Twisted Metal franchise has been around since 95

Karum2606d ago

What do you mean if he was a TM fan he would already own a PS3? It wasn't known that TM was even going to be on the PS3 until a few months ago. Too early for anyone just waiting on TM to buy a PS3.

I'm sure there are people who have already bought one in anticipation of it being released but your statement is not necessarily true.

BillOreilly2606d ago

twisted metal sucks ass. It was great on psx but failed hard on ps2. Im hoping this new one will make me eat my words but idk.

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