Ode To Action

Lazygamer posted this unexpectedly fantastic comedy video from thinkingstone productions.

"What happens when a bit of couch multiplayer griefing goes a bit too far? What would happen if say, the faux semi-automatic rifle you’re pretending to shoot your buddy with actually fired real bullets?

What would happen is this, a tribute to the action found in some of your favourite video games and films – complete with silly sound effects, cool VFX and the overly brown palettes of “Next gen games” like Gears of War. If you’ve seen Youtube gamer comedy by the likes of Freddy Wong, you know what to expect – but this one is done pretty damned well enough to warrant a watch."

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WobblyOnion2638d ago

I LOVE the Desperado scene :D

granthinds2638d ago

I love the Gears scene! Classic!

WobblyOnion2638d ago

Yeah, the brown tint, and the silly jumping out of cover bit cracked me up.

granthinds2638d ago

The ending was a little shocking but i did laugh my ass off!!! Well done Lazygamer AGAIN! :D