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Timing has never been Sly Cooper's best friend. From day one he's been overshadowed by Sony's other two 3D platformers - Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter. Despite remaining in the shadows, Sly was able to sneak his way into three PlayStation 2 games. Still, even with all of the sequels, Sly never received the praise and attention he was due. But Sly Cooper's luck may be turning around. He's the star of his very own compilation disc that not only looks and plays great, but hits shelves at a time when there is absolutely no competition to speak of. Mr. Cooper, it's time to shine.

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Balt 2757d ago

I talked to someone from Sony on the matter of putting this on the storefront and they said it wouldn't hit until February with a 60min demo for PS+ subscribers.

This sucks because I was holding out for the digital version opposed to the disc based version. I then asked if ICO/SOTC would arrive day and date with the physical copy and they said there wasn't any plans for it to appear on the PSN this year.

I'm hoping that particular person isn't informed of everything because I refused to buy PS2 remakes on disc. I want my digital media!

kingPoS2757d ago

I'd rather have the Prince of Persia HD collection on disc than buy it separately. After all, not everyone has high speed internet(some ppl have bandwith caps)

Oh and Balt: good luck finding those rare ps2 gems for decent price. ^_^