Scale Replica Of The Earth In Minecraft

Since it became popular a few months ago, Minecraft has matured into something beyond its original intention of a survival game. While certainly the game is still rooted on the basic idea of surviving in your world, players have also started utilizing it in order to create vast contraptions and monuments. Ranging from cannons, the Starship Enterprise, and now a scale replica of the Earth–Minecraft is quickly becoming a very powerful creation tool.

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SexCells2644d ago

Even though he imported a file into his game to make this, it still blows me away what people can do with this simple but yet so addicting game.

Can't wait to see an actual scale model of the Earth, but that would be crazy to actually do.

SkyCrawler2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I just ended my session for tonight. And I barely made it with my little hut XD. This is amazing.

Kreyg2643d ago

With time you can build whatever your little heart desires. This was an imported map though. So don't worry, you have time to catch up to stuff like this :-P

xDSJxPyro2643d ago

REALLY REALLY tempted to buy this game. I just know when I do, I will spend so much time with it, I won't have time for other things.

MoeThirteen2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

even after all that I've seen of this game I still don't get it. LoL

Tovan2643d ago

Huh, I wonder how large the map would be when the scale is completed. In its most basic form it's already pretty large.