Why Is Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on UMD Only?


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is not available on Sony's premium handheld platform, the PSP Go. This fact didn't bother us before, but after recently picking up a PSP Go for $149 as part of Amazon's cyber Monday sale, this fact has suddenly become annoying.

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jc485732785d ago

this is a great game btw.

RedDead2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I can't stand Kingdom hearts. Too cheesy for me, although if I could get by the cheesiness I know they're great games. I dunno why I even played the first and second all the way through if I can't stand it. They had a decent story on the organisations side.

KH is like an adult story hidden in a kids story. Sigh, FF Versus 13, it's why i'm looking forward to it so much.

knifefight2785d ago

Be like me and play games for gameplay.


hot4play2784d ago

I was pretty pissed I couldn't play Birth by Sleep on my PSP Go that's why I gave Sony, SquareEnix, and Disney the finger and used a torrent .iso for my PSP 1000 (w/ a busted UMD drive).

demonsrage6662781d ago

First off... Let me state that protecting the game from piracy is bull$hi+... I have friends that have hacked and playing on the Psp memory card... To deny us from playing the game on the PSP GO will push more and more that felt cheated towards piracy... Who is the think tank for these companies... They don't seem to be doing a good job... BTW, SquarEnix needs to stop the bs and put FF7:CC for download too. I guess SE doesn't mind losing money... Jerks....